Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume

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The below is an excellent cosplay costume for Charlotte Aulin in Castlevania. Stop here for minutes, we must delight you. Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume is made with 100% similarities. Who will be Charlotte Aulin? Of course, it’s you!

Charlotte Aulin wears a white-cyaneous body skirt. Inside a white mini skirt is worn. The knee-length skirt without sleeves seems really smart. A round of white lace decorates both the upper and the lower part on this suit. A blue belt is tied in the middle of the body skirt, speaking for the wearer’s figure.

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Cosplay costume for Charlotte Aulin is accompanied with a pair of black gloves with red stripes upon. Certainly, these wrist bands, socks over and cravat are all offered by us.

Then, focus on your hair. Do not cut or dye it. We have a large collection of cosplay wigs. Just take a look. Finally, what shoes should you wear for the coming show? Like the girl in the above picture, you can select a pair of red flats.

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