Azone Addict

This... This is the eye that caught my attention back in December... Her official name is Ellen / Time of Eternal II. It was initially Lilia / Black Raven who caught my eye but she sold out fast during the preorder period. Both were released by Azone. Lilia caught my eye because of Haku's pretty Sora... But I realize I didn't really want her. I had a phobia about twin tails from Azone nowadays... So then I looked for Ellen, who was sold out as well...

And then suddenly, just the head came on auction at Yahoo Japan! I was getting anxious in a dilemma! Should I get her or not?? I decided to get her anyway. This was during Christmas... So it was somewhat a bad idea doing business around this time. I tried Shopping Mall Japan at first, but somehow the seller won't sell it through them, so I went through Goody Japan instead. Easy process... Finding the body was easy as well since Hobby Search had it in stock... By January 24th, "Ellen" was complete... But she was naked. Enter Chun, the wonderful seamstress...

This mini yukata, obi, and apron were made by Chun as part of the commission I asked of her. Well it was quite an interesting arrangement since I wanted some clothes for her and Chun was interested in the Obitsu body. It works out quite well... And it worked out even better when I initiated the April Fool's 2011 plan :3 I get to visit to take photos of Taiga and "claim her as mine" for a while and drop off Ellen at the same time. Around the time I get her back, sometime last week, I renamed her Helen White. The "White" cames from the type of Obitsu body, which is a Whity. "Helen" is... Wanna guess why I renamed her "Helen"?

Chun attached this cute hairclip on her and I wanted it bad, lol. So she gave it to me as well!
A very big thank you to Chun for everything! I asked for lots of advice over the holidays and throughout this whole process, AND she kept everything secret until I reveal everything. The things that were revealed already were on purpose. I just like to tease =P

Another bonus Chun gave to me was the hair scrunchy. I was ecstatic when I saw her in a ponytail! When I got her back I had a hard time putting it back on though ^^; Haruhi was right. It is hard to tie a perfect ponytail.

And now the yukata comes off... Helen doesn't mind me taking photos of her in this state either...

Oh and she wanted to make sure I took a photo of the cute Azone pantsu. Nice body, eh?

This is the first outfit I ordered for Helen, the red bunnygirl outfit, along with a black fishnet stocking (which worries me to no end in case it stains...)

And the backside with the bunny tail. I'm surprised the zipper comes down so far!

The shoes is also red, but not the same red as the outfit... I think it's fine though. The strap is actually removable and adjustable... But a pain in the bunny butt to put back on! Now that the parts are assembled, let's see her in action!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily part 53

Azunyan is up to her old trick again... Hmmm... Why does this scene looks so familiar? BTW, you can always read the rest of the Melancholy of Saber Lily on the comic site ;)

Anyway, here's the rest of Helen in the bunny outfit... Her neck is a bit long though. Perhaps because her face is round? At least the collar hides it ^^;

No... This is not a Mami'd version! Hidoi yo! This one you can see her elbow joints... A bit strange looking, I have to admit... But I've learned to live with them.

Wonderful sexy shoes! Cute straps too, eh?

Almost a fishnet stocking... Oh and I guess this is the knee pits photo?

Here's the Azone size comparison! Azunyan is just barely above Helen's knees!

Such a cute, cute, cute size comparison!!!

Happy Easter everyone, pyon! ^_^

This one is a better photo, but Helen's bunny ears are cut off... Still much better though!

The legendary usanekomimi Azunyanpyon! She's also wearing a puppydog dress! *swoons*

And now for Helen's sexy time! 

Very flexible, isn't she? ^_~

I'll leave with Helen's ecchi look and smile... This is just the beginning of the Azone Addiction! I'll post more of Helen soon.

A Couple of Weeks in Vancouver

It has been 21 years since I moved to Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I don't do too many Vancouver posts... Just not my thing, lol. Fortunately, I have a few unsorted photos to post and I have no idea how to post them, except in this manner. Uhmm... Yea, I'm not gonna follow a certain blogger by titling this post this way, lol. I just had no other way to describe this post :P If you're that interested, I could do more, but it'll be boring XD Anyway... These couple of weeks started off on April 1st.

I had a chat with Yakuri on the night of April 1st because she had a computer trouble. So I took this picture to show her the battery for the motherboard... That wasn't the problem though and unfortunately I couldn't help ^^; I hear it's fixed now. I was also explaining my April Fool's joke. :P

In the afternoon I met up with Mr. TheCandyMan and were going to go to the Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I got myself discounted tickets from my dad thankfully. The parking was not cheap though ^^; I didn't feel like taking photos of cars at the time, so I didn't even take a photo of the Lamborghini on display...

But this... THIS. IS. AWESOME! It's a Lexus, but I have NO idea what it is! It looks so good from front, side, and even back!

Lookit them exhausts! And the spoiler... WOW! Anyone can tell me what car this is?

The sakura/cherry blossoms were blooming in full view. I've passed this street EVERY day when I go to work. It's about 3-4 blocks from my house. It's basically lined with these trees. Very beautiful! My photo does not do it justice.

They had a no tax sale at Superstore in my region. We basically save 12% tax on everything in store. They also sell electronics, so I got myself the 3DS! The tax would've added an extra $30. I also had points at this store, so that was an additional $80 off! And almost $7 off from when I buy gas from this store. And to top it all off... a free turkey (a $24.99 value!) when you spend as much as the price of the 3DS! Just in case anyone asks... I'll put my friend code here: 279306359912 ... Let me know who you are and your code so I can add you later. I don't have any games for the 3DS yet though ^^;

And last Friday, I took more photos of "flowers" and cherry blossoms :P

I met up with Chun again last Friday for something or rather...

I'm tempted to get a similar head now... Himitsu looks great!

Chun's Himitsu is pointing at me for some reason...

What is she telling the other girl as she points at me? See a different angle at Chun's blog.

Durn... No symmetrical docking possible because of the height difference... But... *yuri vision on!* She's nuzzling Himitsu's oppai!

Muhuhu! Payback! Put your caption here :P

It was a bit cloudy and breezy, but didn't really get any good shots of flying petals ^^; I tried my best simulating it, but still hard, lol.

Afterwards we got ourselves some CAEK from Diplomat Bakery nearby. Delicious caeks! Yuki wants some caek! I also got an apricot danish just because it looks so good (and tastes good as well!) but I forgot to take a picture of it ^^;

I bought two for myself. This one is the white chocolate something or rather. I forgot the name. Very sweet! I loves it :D The other one was blueberry cheesecake tart which tasted much better than this one, lol. I'm quite partial to blueberries as well.

*monotone voice* Yay. I got caek.
Yuki wanted caek and she got caek! Boo cake? XD

Here's a group shot while everyone's together... With similar tops as well!

It's not the year of the tiger anymore... This is the year of the rabbit!

I'm quite fascinated by Chun's pair of cats, Yoshi and Ginko while I was there. They were playing a lot. Here's a picture of Yoshi playing with the boxes. At one point he was in one of the boxes, but I was too slow to take a picture ^^;

And here's a parting shot... So who is this girl anyway?


Dark Chocolate to Health Benefits

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Doll Meet at the Queen Elizabeth Park

Unlike last year, we had to wait a bit longer for spring this year. By the beginning of April, it was still not warm enough for the cherry blossoms to bloom. But it was still a nice day to be at a doll meet! We're able to take photos with some of the flowers.

But before we get to the meat of the doll meet (pun intended), let's see the other stuff... Like this bento. Kurohitori made this out of ginger, sesame and beef. The beef are the branches and the ginger are the cherry blossom petals. Very cute ^_^

The cherry blossoms were quite few in the park unfortunately. Not all of them were blooming yet.

Lots of wildlife running about. We had fun with this squirrel. We gave it animal crackers ^^;

We met a few new people as well, so there were a few new dolls in the group for the photos ^_^

The little girls (my little girls) were sitting on the PSP before, but they decided to sit on the big girls' laps... Say... Who's that blonde girl sitting on Aoi?

There's also a new Dollfie Dream owner as well. He owns this Alna. For some reason this DD Dynamite body seem to be bigger in person than the previous ones I saw ^^;

TheCandyman also got his girls back after 4 months of being babysat ^^;

Some new little boys as well ^^

Many yukata wearing dolls... I had a couple, but I had no idea how to put them on for my Azones ^^;

This girl is so VERY cute! Her skin was so very pale that I had to adjust my camera setting so she doesn't look overexposed.

Watch out! Azupyon's got a weapon! Mr. TheCandyMan was gracious enough to lend this to me ^_^

*Yuri filter on*

I was able to take this picture before everyone fell ^^;;; I grabbed one of them just before he fell so the impact wasn't that bad on the picnic table. Always somebody falling at these meets...

Rei gets some fresh air... And I just realized she's wearing the same dress as Saber from the St. Patrick's Doll Meet ^^;;;

Mari and Rei!

And now for the photos in the nature! Here's Suzu and Cammy relaxing on the rock on the stream.

Very cute photo. Everyone seemed to enjoy these shoots.

Wood fairy in the woods ^^

And of course my girls get to have fun. It was hard finding things small enough for them...

So have you figured out who this girl is? :P I really like this angle. One of my favourite photos from this meet.

Here they are hanging out on a tree ^^

This was a bit precarious since it was a bit windy... Her hair was a bit tangled. I also tried to get the blue sky and mountain in the background :)

Aoi looks like she's being very careful trying not to damage the plants here.

This is reaperofleaves' boy whose photo I took at her request... Let me know if you want this one, reaper :)

Candyman's Cammy sitting on a broken branch of the tree.

Gotta have the last picture with the cherry blossoms. It was actually pretty hard to get this picture because Mari and Aoi kept blurring since my camera was focusing on the cherry blossoms instead ^^; When we walked back to the parking lot we met with Puppy52 and Babybluestar :D A bit late, but it was nice to meet up since I wasn't able to go to the meet the next day at Van Dusen Garden.

Afterwards we also had another anime meet up at my house. We sampled lots of anime again, but I didn't take any pictures like last time ^^; I took lots more photos at the park though, so feel free to see more in my Photobucket album.

You can also see other photos from Galamirix's blog and Babybluestar's blog for other photos ;)