Hack G U Triedge Cosplay Costume

Picture from www.flickr.com

Wow, it is really cool! Do you also get fascinated with GU Triedge in Hack? Get dressed like this, you are sure to steal the cosplay show! It is really a fun and challenging adventure to cosplay this fictional character! Are you ready? Here comes the Hack G U Triedge Cosplay Costume offered in perfect details. Take a look!

With his iconic swords in two hands, this Triedge is alive. He wears the uniform detailed with orange, blue, black and little white parts. Brown gloves protect his hands with added style to the over-all look. Brown belts on the shoulder and black one around the waist are spotted to spice up the look. The exaggerated high collar of orange and black looks like his mask. The orange cap with chic details perfectly matches his blue wig! Then brown boots with white fringe on the top of the shafts finish the look with elaborated details.

Picture from www.flickr.com

For a vivid look to steal the cosplay show, every cosplayer spends his efforts to collect costume, weapons, wigs, accessories, etc. All of them should be found fine in details that 100% mirror the original role.

Here the excellent Hack G U Triedge Cosplay Costume is offered to weight your nice collection for cosplay show. Made of the choicest quality fabric with perfect cuts and stitching, it is ideal to make the real Triedge! Check it our below: