I'm Sorry Japan...

...But the potential of meeting a celebrity in one spot within 4 days in Japan is (exaggerated estimation) a million to one! I'd really like to go an experience Japan as I am now instead of when I was only 5, but the cost can be expensive. So to me it was an unreachable goal especially when my hours at work was cut by a 1/4. Perhaps with my added work hours recently I'll be able to go within a year.

So I imagine you've guessed why I'm not going to Japan anytime soon, right? Is it the picture (that I "borrowed" from Flickr) of the banner of Anime Expo that gave it away?

Yes, I'm heading down to Los Angeles for Anime Expo 2010. It costs about 1/3 of what I would spend to travel to Japan (maybe less depending on how crazy I spend my money in Japan). Months ago, AX wasn't even in the plans, not even considered in my radar since I didn't think I could scrape enough money due to my shortened hours at work. Things change... I got a new position and now I'm actually working overtime! Still not considering AX yet... But then...

...May'n and Megumi Nakajima were announced as Guests of Honor... OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!!eleventy-one!! WHOA WHOA WHOA! This is big news! And they're gonna perform a concert too! *faints* Not to mention that there will be a special surprise guest coming as well on stage! (I'm thinking it might be Mari "Lynn Minmay" Iijima. Just a guess).

Again, I apologize Japan, that I'm not going to your country because there will be lots of guests that I won't see there that I'll see at AX. At least not in the same place, right? ^^; (Unless of course there are some big event that I go to in Japan). Anyway...

Yuu Asakawa was already announced as a guest of honor when I found out she has a Twitter account (thanks to Seizya for that head's up). She's one of my favourite previous anime generation voice actress. She had the lead role for some of the anime she was in and she's got that cool voice. Sakaki was my favourite character (tied with Osaka) from Azumanga Daioh, but I don't think I have a Sakaki-related item to sign... I wonder what I should get signed by her... a Rider figure or Nendoroid Luka? What do you think? I'm leaning towards Luka.

And recently announced are Yui Horie and Eri Kitamura. Both are guests of NIS America who are releasing the Toradora anime here. I'm hoping to get a copy of the first volume from AX. If I can't then I'll get Yui to sign a Tohru Honda related item and get Eri to sign either a Queen's Blade Alleyne figure or Tatiana Wisla (from Last Exile) art ^_^

I'm quite excited about seeing MELL live in concert. She sings some Engrish songs that we can sorta understand but not comprehend. Nonetheless her songs are some of my favourites! I plan on getting my Sky Girls Virgin's High single signed. That's one of my favourite songs by MELL.

MELL also sang Red Fraction, the opening to Black Lagoon anime... Whose creator, Rei Hiroe, will also be in attendance! I really like his art. I think I have an artbook of his somewhere... If not I guess I'll get one of my Black Lagoon manga signed.

And yep, Danny will be there too. Will he bring his trooper outfit? I think that's a must, especially for an LA outing! I assume I'll meet lots of other DC/Figure.FM members in his panel, yes?

All pictures, except the first one, are from the official Anime Expo site.

It's gonna be one crazy four days! And really one of the main reasons I'm going is to meet the person who sent me the omiyage ^_^ So hopefully I won't be going around the con by myself ^^;;;

See you there if you're going!