Featherfall and Obitsu 11cm

A semi-completed group order from Featherfall prompted me to start working on my Nendoroid/Obitsu hybrid using the Obitsu 11cm body that I got from Anime Expo. So I'll start with the Obitsu body right after the jump. It's a naked Obitsu 11cm body, but no details really, so I don't know if you wanna call it NSFW :P Just a warning either way.

I had a bit of a problem trying to open up the body so I can take out the original neck peg and put one in that fits a Nendoroid head, so I figured I'd let some people know how to open the Obitsu 11cm body.

 First of all, take off those pesky limbs... They'll just get in the way...

Then I used a small screwdriver to pry open from the top of the arm hole (as shown above) and use the wedge to make a gap in the lower part of the chest.

There's a gap now, but still need to open up more because the pegs inside is quite deep.

Use the screwdriver again, this time on the lower part of the chest and pry that part open.

So now that it's open, you can see the pegs inside and why you need to pry it twice. Do be careful when you open it, I did damage the plastic a little bit while doing this surgery.

I got this set of spare ball shape joints for an old project of mine that I've never gotten around to fix... It somehow came in handy for this project. I originally got this from HLJ for around $8 or less.

Then I took apart the neck joint from the original Nendoroid and combine it with the spare joints. It almost works... It doesn't fit in perfectly, but with a little bit of scotch tape around the peg, I was able to make it work. The joint on the right is the original one from Obitsu. Some people has sanded the original Nendoroid neck joint (in Japanese and in English), but I was too lazy to do that and didn't want to destroy a neck joint ^^;

And voila! Black Rock Shooter Nendobitsu hybrid complete! The neck is long still... But I don't think it's possible to shorten it without ruining the functionality...

Uh-oh... She's mad cuz she's got no clothes...

Trying out other Nendoroid heads... Kirino is not amused with oniisan... It was a pain trying out other Nendoroid heads actually... Getting the neck joint out of the head is painful to the fingers...

So now she's out'n'about with other Puki and smaller friends. Her makeshift dress is actually a blouse from a Daiso doll clothes set which cost only $2. It's too big for her, but at least she's not naked at this restaurant in downtown we went to... We went to Crepe Cafe. I wanted a hot dog, but they ran out and didn't tell me in advance so I ordered their pizza instead. It tasted horrible... Should've gotten a crepe instead...

A quick try out with other Puki wigs ^^ BRS looks kinda cute, lol.

Afterwards it was a medium length drive to Port Coquitlam to pick up our order. Featherfall is a local BJD vendor, but they don't always let people pick things up. We got permission thankfully and had a little bit of fun ^^ And also pick up appropriate clothing for my new Nendobitsu BRS. This cute lil number looks cute, but I'm not sure if BRS likes it XD

I also met a new member from DoA, whose member name I forgot... Sorry ^^; I'll just call him "the friendly ghost" for now... This one is his doll, Lux (Thanks Itsuka!). I tend to forget things unless they're written down.

 I love this dress! She's just like a queen from a European country. Just beautiful!

 Uh-oh... Someone's hitting on Helen...

Airs' boy wants a piece of Helen... Look how big his hands are compared to hers! He's gonna eat her alive! XD

And then here comes the boys doll love... I thought I took more photos, but I guess only this one turned out alright ^^;

 BRS on a saddle was not something I could not pass up to have this kind of shot ^^;;

 The lil boy is sniffing the saddle or does he want to get on and ride Helen? (Oh dear, that sounded bad...)

 Mugi joins the... horseplay...

And then she takes advantage...

 Love the metallic wings! Quite fancy... I've always loved wings, but I'm not sure if I want a big one for Helen ^^;

Helen looks a bit out of place with the queen, but later on they'll look good together ;)

 Here's a group picture... I guess ^^

 The queen wants to make Helen her concubine... Ecchi Ellen is hypnotized by her beauty...

The Featherfall owner has lots of headdresses! And it was fun trying it on Helen. She looks good!

The collar... Ahem, the necklace is a beautiful one. I may need to find one for her. I prefer one of these that look like a choker, I'm a bit fond of those...

 Helen tries out another bunny ear XD

 Taking a photo with flash for Helen produces a different image for her eyes. Quite a difference!

And then BRS finally comes home with a couple of new outfits.

The magnetic feet really helps with the heavy head and helps produce this kind of pose... Though that's the highest kick I can do for her ^^;

The outfit is Pukipuki size and they fit her perfectly... The shoes are from the Daiso doll clothes... They're meant for Licca or Jenny dolls (I can't remember). The clothes fit the Azone Pureneemo, but the shoes fit the Nendobitsu better ^^

Thank you Featherfall for hosting us and letting us stay quite a bit longer than expected ^^; I did spend some money for these outfits plus some shoes for Helen, hahaha, so this visit wasn't for naught for the both of us. :)

Cosplay Events in Ireland

As I said since way back in 2006 more anime and comic conventions have been popping up. Back in 2006 there was only Tomodaichi an anime and manga convention in Co. Derry, ok that is more UK but still can travel there by car or what not. :p Unfortunately Tomodaichi is gone now and then in Dublin there was only Eirtakon, now we are spoiled for choice!

I will go through conventions where you would find and meet cosplayers through out the year.


This is held in January and runs from the 20th to the 22nd of January. It is on in Galway University. It is a new convention which only started last year. It has many exciting cosplay at it and ran a proper Japanese maid and butler cafe. It should be great next year.


Website: http://www.akumakon.com/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Akumakon


Q-con is not only an anime convention but also is a gamer and sci-fi convention held in Queens University Belfast. Q-con runs the biggest cosplay events in Northern Ireland and attracts lots of cosplayers especially video game cosplayers. It runs in June 24th to the 26th.

Details: http://www.q-con.org.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QConBelfast?sk=wall


This is a brand new convention which only started running this year. It is a broad convention which rages from anime, manga, comics, gaming, sci-fi, music and films. It is ran by some of the people who run a geek website called the arcade. It is great for cosplay as you see all types of cosplay from anime, movies and comics. They have great events like the cosplay masquerade and skits, the same with Q-con and have a night time cosplay event being the Masquerade Ball.

Details: http://www.the-arcade.ie/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/ArcadeCon


This is held in Limerick University and is a gaming and anime convention. They started running last year and were successful with a good few cosplayers attending. They had a cosplay competition and skits. They also were the first Irish convention to have a professional cosplay model guest being Francesca Dani which was an honour.

Details: http://brocon.skynet.ie/
FaceBook: http://en-gb.facebook.com/ULBroCon


This is a specialised anime and manga convention like Akumacon. It only started running last year and was a success. There were lots of fantastic cosplayers at it, so this year will be very interesting! They have many events like the cosplay masquerade, skits, maid and butler cafe, cosplay speed dating and cosplay musical chairs. It runs in August 5th to the 7th, so if you are reading this blog and want to get into the Irish cosplay scene it is the next big cosplay event coming up! It is on in the D4 Hotel, Dublin. They plan on having more and bigger cosplay events this year like the Nomcon cosplay prom and more.

Details: http://www.nom-con.net/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/nomcom



The oldest and longest running anime and manga convention in Ireland. It attracts a diversity of people and again lots of excellent cosplays! Eirtakon runs in the Helix, Dublin City University in November 11th to the 13th. Like many conventions it runs cosplay skits, cosplay competition, cosplay disco, maid and butler cafe and this year there will be lots of new exciting cosplay events. Also this year Eirtakon has the honour of having for the first time to Eirtakon, not to Irish cons :p a professional costume designer, make up artist and cosplayer, model YaYa Han as a guest. I am super excited over this! Yaya plans on helping out running cosplay events, judging and doing lots of panels on modelling and costume making. She also would be a great help to Cosplay Ireland.

Details: http://www.eirtakon.com/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Eirtakon

That is for now with the Irish cosplay convention scene and hopefully you have been informed. If I missed out on any conventions that has cosplay please let me know. Also with Cosplay Ireland we plan on running major cosplay events, promoting cosplay in Ireland and who knows we might see more conventions. :)

Cosplay Portfolio Websites

As I explained cosplay is very broad and it is down your interpretation what it is. Some people just enjoy the occasional cosplay at events and some like to take it alot further. Over the last few years cosplay has so much evolved and expanded. It has even expanded alot more then cosplaying at a convention with cosplayers modelling in cosplay now. There was the fashion modelling then in the 1980s and 1990s alternative goth modelling became quite popular and over the last few years we now see cosplay modelling.

Like modelmayhem, folio32, liptick lenses and modelling websites where a model can showcase her/his work they are many cosplay websites where a cosplayer can showcase and show off their cosplays to a global audience. Now many of these websites are not very industry based and are hobby/amateur based but it is a start if you want to show off your work to the world and hopefully one day will get noticed.

Here are a few websites which I think are good for cosplays.


This is the main international cosplay community website. You can set up an account and upload your photos in the main gallery. Unlike many portfolio sites it is not a social networking site but the forums are quite friendly and very useful for costume construction, make up and on contact lenses. People will always help you out and offer advice.

Cosplayer's Cure

This is basically the Japanese cosplay.com but it is getting more international. This is a social networking site and has some industry and small cosplay businesses like cosplaygen. As Cosplayer's Cure gets bigger perhaps it will have more industry links and contacts. From an amateur point of view it is an excellent website where cosplayers look stunning so if you are researching how a person looks like the character in 3D you will find excellent examples. From a modelling point of view, Cosplayer's Cure is a great site as it advertises upcoming events in Japan and they are lots of cosplay models on it. The photos are artistic and you Will find that many cosplayers think out of the box. It is also a good site for people who are just fans of cosplay and they can sign up to the non cosplay account.

What is also great about this site, people can follow your cosplays, add you to favourites, get a fan club going so when you upload a photo they will be notified. You can also add cosplayers to your favourite too.

I find this site very friendly and have made friends and contacts.

Cosplay Island

This is a UK based cosplay portfolio website. I joined this as it is local. This is a good site, as it is somewhat linked to the industry and mainly reveals upcoming cosplay events in the UK. The forum is very helpful too. It tends to be abit dead for comments but I met one or two people who are nice and they seem to be always updates on events.


This is a new social networking site set up for cosplayers internationally to meet photographers. It was set up by a well known cosplay photographer Shiroin. It is very quiet as it is only new but hopefully it will pick up.

American Cosplay Paradise

I just joined this site and it is suppose to be the best for getting links to the industry. ACP work with anime industry people and promote events at American anime conventions and do photoshoots. There are also cosplay photographers on the site too, so it is somewhat a social networking site for making friends and for getting contacts. Cosplayers on the site are really good and many of them take part in proper photoshoots so you will be able to get advice on modelling and research what makes a good photo.

That's really it for mainly cosplay portfolio sites but they are many others that you can join but they don't just specialise in cosplay they are;

DeviantArt - Fantastic for cosplay portfolio as you can join cosplay groups submit your photos, get noticed and get fans, also network with fan artists.

ModelMayhem - A great site for models very international and has many cosplayers and cosplay photographers on it. Has many industry people on it who are linked to cosplay.

Irish websites

Folio32 - a modelling social networking website which has alternative models on it not just fashion so cosplay would be welcomed.

Lipstick and Lenses - Another Irish modelling social networking site, seems to be not that active but it is new so hopefully it will take off.

At the moment there is no dedicated Irish cosplay website but with cosplay, anime and comics getting more popular equals more events, I am currently working on setting up an Irish social networking website named Cosplay Ireland where cosplayers can showcase their work, meet photographers, make up artists, cosplay commissions, designers, become models and will hopefully have links to the industry and events. Please check out the FB awareness page for updates. :)

I have some experience in cosplay modelling and do lots of it myself so if any Irish person or anyone reading this blog wants to get into cosplay modelling, don't hesitate to ask, I would be glad to offer advice and recommend some photographers. :)

NERV HQ & Bday Presents

Here is the NERV HQ base that I got from Yakuri when I was in L.A. I first seen it on her blog and was impressed with it, but this time I have my own and assembled it. It's quite compact at first, but it opens up to a lot of things you see from the anime! Most impressive!

So I guess I'll be doing the same thing as her but in reverse order, it seems ^^; So here's the base opened up. So compact yet it holds so many cool things inside!

First up, at the top of the pyramid, is Gendou sitting at his desk observing and directing Major Kusaragi on what to do.

And here's the whole base opened up, showing all 5 characters that were in those boxes. It reminds me of Falcon Base from Voltes V for some reason.

Here's my lovely Rei (where I screwed up the macro photo...) at gate 07. It's locked and she got an old passcard... Oh what to do...

Then comes Shinji opening up the door with her new card for her. The escalator also moves when you turn the dial on the side! It's very cute and impressive what you can do with such a small thing.

Here's Shinji getting told by Gendou to pilot EVA-01... at his desk... And then there's Asuka hiding in the background ^^;

Unit 01 opens up to release the plug entry... That none of them will fit in ^^; There's also the hospital bed that Shinji woke up in many times with the unfamiliar ceiling... (Though you'd think it'd be familiar after a while...)

Asuka comes with a scale entry plug... Only  a part of it though... Another dial opens up the entry plug on the side. It was actually kinda hard to take her out after a while ^^;

And one of the big product placeme... Sponsors of Evangelion is UCC coffee. They're well stocked at the NERV HQ.

Here's the Central Dogma where they keep the most secret of secrets...

But Misato shows it to Shinji anyway... It's Lilith with the Lance of Longinus!

I really, really love this part! It's Eva Unit 00 punching the wall when it went berserk!

Just push the button and you get a closeup of the fist! Really cool! Check out the video that Yaku made out of it :D

Lastly... Kaji's watermelon garden. It's summer time, so time to smash some :P

Want some gum? ^^; These are the candies that came in the box, lol.

Here's a size comparison of the figures with my newly made business cards... Hmm... I wonder what those two are talking about... :D

The NERV HQ was a part of my birthday presents that came 2 weeks early! The ones below came on the day ^_^

Panty & Stocking Nendoroid, though I paid part of it and the seller was nice enough to bring it down to $100 if I get both ^o^ Then the Multi from To Heart poster was free with the purchase. The little Rei is given from someone else and the cake is from my brother :)



And a present to myself... Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3!