Thrice-Cooked Doll Meat

Err... That's "Doll Meet" btw... And it's thrice, because we met at three different locations for our meet. I started to head out from around 9 am to The Urban Tea Merchant in downtown Vancouver. I still don't like parking in downtown Vancouver ^^; Thanks to Elfinder to arrange this meet and make the reservation. Our main meet was for the tea :)

We got the Petite Afternoon Tea. Here's some of the dessert... I didn't take a photo of the other food since they didn't look as pretty as this plate :P The sandwiches were really tiny, but the scone was delicious! I didn't think this would fill me up, but I was quite full even though I didn't have breakfast beforehand.

Here's a pair of almost identical schoolgirls, and a pair of Obitsu, lol. And Kurohitori seems to always manage to sit across from me and be in my photo as well, ahaha.

So this is Flamebyrd's new Obitsu girl, a nameless Miko at the time... A Sleeping Princess model from Parabox. I'm tempted to get one too now...

But for now, I will stay with my Helen... And I was lucky to find matching outfits for almost matching dolls ^_^

And this here is Elfinder's girl, who was apparently a boy before? LoL I could be mistaken.

I was stuck in a corner so I couldn't walk around and take pictures, but I could take some photos using my zoom ^^ Also because of that I got really lazy taking photos throughout the day, lol. Please check out the links throughout this post to see other photos ^_^

What's tea time without the After School Tea Clu... Err... The light music club's Houkago Tea Time members ^_^

Stupid of me to just take one photo of Azunyan with the macaron ^^; This came out blurry unfortunately :(

A group picture! Thanks to Galamirix for taking this photo for me whilst I was stuck XD

After tea time we went to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond to meet other people. This one is Chun's new girl Pi-chan! Also an Obitsu body... Hmmm... I wonder if I started a trend, lol. I think I'm just full of myself XD She does indeed look like Chun's Mokotan...

And the pair of 40cm Obitsu girls get together :) Very cute... Too bad I was too lazy to get my Obitsu Helen out ^^; We totally have no idea how long we were going to stay at the mall...

So around 4 pm we finally reached our final destination, Flamebyrd's place, which is also in Richmond, for an anime/doll meet. Thus, our thrice-cooked doll meat/meet :P

TheCandyMan's Suzu gets to try out Helen's bunny outfit.

Comparison time! Aoi's a Dollfie Dream, Helen's Azone/Obitsu and Suzu's MSD size ^^ What's Helen's hand doing??

Mari dressing very sexily... The pantsu is visible! Because of this shot, I want to get/make a g-string for Helen...

Flash! A-ah! Saviour of the universe!

Flash! A-ah! He'll save everyone of us!

Everyone tired of the Flash Gordon lyrics thing? Cuz I could continue for this sexy Alna photo :P

And here's a Puppy52 fashion show for different size girls :)

A view from the apartment.
After watching AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture, Jem, Samurai Pizza Cats and Minky Momo briefly we watched Whisper of the Heart. At around 9:30 pm we wrapped up and I got home around 10 pm. Very fun day ^_^ More photos in my Photobucket!

BONUS PICTURES! Helen's enjoying some ice cream...

Oh oops... She dropped it...

P ko Cosplay

A young red-haired girl who grows vegetables for the village. The epitome of a klutzy girl, she is literally dangerously clumsy, often turning what should be a simple accident into a massive disaster. Despite an allusion to mishaps, P-ko is still intent on getting a drivers license so that she can travel further during Winter to gather seeds. That is P ko!P ko Cosplay for you.

Breakfast is the meal most appropriate for health

Breakfast is the meal most appropriate for health
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Research on the breakfast show children who often skip breakfast are more likely to miss school than children who routinely breakfast.
'After 8 hours of sleep, in morning glucose reserves would fall so that cause us difficulty concentrating, sleepy and less alert. If this is experienced by children in school certainly hampered its ability to capture lessons

The time invested to prepare a nutritious breakfast menu was actually very small compared with the benefits we get.
"The selected breakfast menu is the menu that should not be too heavy or excessive calories, but still important to note the composition of nutrients. Select the existing carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins,"

Examples of such nutritious breakfast of fresh bread and margarine added egg whites and a few vegetables. "If you do not want too much carbohydrate can be replaced by bread wheat,"

Another example is a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and low fat milk. "Avoid the breakfast menu that is too much fried because it can increase levels of bad cholesterol,"

suggest that children are taught to breakfast early as possible, even since they began to recognize the solid food. "Breakfast menu for babies aged 6 months upwards of course adjusted for age, but still have the same nutritional composition and varied,"

Secret Photos of Helen White

Well... Not so secret anymore is it? These photos were taken during the time I've kept Helen secret for four months. Only now I've compiled them. Though not all of them turned out well ^^; If you've been wondering why she's named Helen, it's because to me she had this ecchi smile on her face. So "H" + "Ellen" = "Helen" :3 The last name, "White" came from the whity type of Obitsu body, thus, "White". Now I wonder if Helen White will be googling her name and find this post, hahaha. Oh the second picture might be NSFW, too... LOL!!!

Helen's head, aka Ellen / Time of Eternal II, came first through Goody Japan. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I was holding her head on my finger... She smelled good, but I was somewhat regretting. About a week later, the body, Obitsu 50cm Whity came. I quickly attached her head and suddenly, I started to like her more! It was quite a strange reaction.

Chun had been my best confidant over the four months I've kept Helen secret. She was also curious about the Obitsu body. I casually mentioned it during the January Doll Meet, but I didn't think I'd get an email from Chun requesting to borrow Ellen (still named Ellen at the time) ^^; Which in turn initiated my April Fool's 2011 plan, hehehe. One of the things I wanted to get was a doll carrier big enough for Helen. I got mine from Releaserain for quite cheap and it has enough room for her, cushions and my other Azone girls ^^

Many of these secret photos were taken at Chun's place. So Helen get to meet many of Chun's girls, like Aki here.

On the day I picked Helen up, Chun surprised me with this school uniform! I know I was going to buy clothes that she'll make but I wasn't told what they were, lol. I didn't realize I made quite a girlish scream when I first seen Helen in this uniform ^^;

Helen has also been serving at the Chun household... Although I get to keep the outfit, I couldn't keep the tray, food and geta XD

Maybe I should go find this tray and miniature food as well...

Cleavage shot!
I brought some of Helen's outfit that I ordered about the same time as her. They didn't come until a week I picked her up ^^;;; The bunny outfit is the first outfit I bought for her.

Chun wasn't going to try out the bunny outfit there and left it for me to have fun with it later, but we opened it and tried it on anyway afterwards XD So Taiga became a bunnygirl while borrowing Helen's uniform :3 Maybe we'll see Taiga's Last Episode school uniform someday? :)

Here's a better shot of Helen using Chun's camera. Again, thanks for the star hairpin! Very cute. I just had to have it when I seen it ^.^

And here's a better photo of Helen at this angle. She's got big buns, but small thighs ^^; Sometimes joints do annoy the heck out of me, lol. C'est la vie. Anyways... Now that I've shown these secret photos, I can show her during her first Doll Meet later on :)

Uh... well Chun was nice enough to take a picture of this for me, so I figured I'd use it. Weird that these pixels keep showing up on my face...

So... wanna comment on what I'm doing to Helen here? XD

Saber Birthday Party

Friday the 13th, 2011... It's Saber's birthday, but I can't even post it properly since Blogger is down. Such misfortune... Anyway, Blogger is back up and now I can finally post about Saber's birthday party! I planned on just only making one 4koma but ended up with a couple more ideas XD Doesn't it make you curious what's going on above? :3

Before that, let me introduce to you... The Saber Lion plushie! When I first seen her, I knew I had to have her. Thankfully this store in Richmond that just opened was selling her. I quickly grabbed her, lol.

And now... On with the party! The 4komas below are posted on the Melancholy of Saber Lily site amongst others ^^

It's very inconvenient whenever Saber Lily goes 1/1 scale on me... You can just never have fun...

Did I tell you that I like that Adult Mikuru figma? It's very useful ^^ It was kinda fun mixing and matching Saber and Saber Alter... But I just realized that Saber Alter's face can't fit into Saber's face...

And now back to the main story... Something I've held off for a long time... You can read this post before reading the 4koma below to refresh your memory. It has been a long time since I continued this story, but I've always had this particular idea in mind for a long time XD

Saber Lion is such a glutton... Did Lily even feed her? No, scratch that... What did she eat to get so big?? So many questions! Err... Anyway, wasn't sure if anyone would like the idea of a whole ferret being eaten (I love that the vest on the ferret is removable), so I made an alternate, slightly less bad ending ^^;

I hate to brag, but I really like how I drew that swirly eye on the ferret ^^; Which End do you prefer? You can see the original picture below.

I've taken photos for the next parts already, just need to edit them, so hopefully not much delay for this storyline for next time ^^;