Omiyage from Singapore

A big thank you to Kodomut for sending this small but wonderful package to Vancouver. I actually received this 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't find the time to take pictures until now. I was surprised when Kodomut sent a message asking for my address... Stalking! LoL, just kidding. I did find out that he was going to send me his cards, but I thought it was just the cards, but I got more than that!

First, here are the cards. One big postcard size, Danny Choo's new business card and Kodomut's mini business card size. (Kinda making me want to make my own business cards now ^^;) But when I turned the big card around...

I read this! Many times I've written cards like these with other people for their birthday or if they're retiring at work, but I've never received one before. Hmm... I did receive it after Christmas, but I forgive you for being late, lol!

 And wow... Do I talk about knee pits that much? XD

And I also got two more MEIKO Puchi Nendoroids! Thank you again! I'm not sure if it's just ScorchNRoses who sent them, but thank you to whoever gave them. You just can never have enough MEIKOs!

So on my computer desk I now have 4 MEIKOs! So cutesome! ^o^

And to respond to some of the things that's on the card... YuKi-To: Yah, kapan2 kalo gua ada duit banyak XD. Joel: Yep, I saw you on Twitter! Lastly to Kodomut and ScorchNRoses: I enjoyed them (as seen below)! :D


Hexlord, I bet some of you guys have already know him through DA. Yup, I've been following on his cosplay photography too waaaaay before I started cosplay. Have always been loving the way he capture close up potrait photos. Love how he always plays with lights and shadows to create a suitable atmospher for the character.


Ryea: What type of camera do you use in capturing those awesome photos?

In the past I was using the Panasonic LC43, the FZ30 and the Nikon D80.

Currently I use the Nikon D300s, with a compliment of lenses ranging from an ultra-wide zoom lens (11-16mm f2.8 Tokina) to a telephoto lens (70-300mm Nikkor f4-5.6). I also use prime lenses, consisting of the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm for most of my works.

Ryea: What inspires you to start photography?

I started out in photography after attending some of the Singapore cosplay events back in 2003-2004. After being invited to some of the photoshoots during that period of time by friends, I decided that it is not too bad to pick up a camera and learn a few things. :)

Also, with the advent of amazing things produced by cosplayers, what better way to showcase their works other than photography?

Ryea: What makes you to continue in photography with passion?

The world of photography is very vast. There's a lot to learn, things to explore... the possibilities are endless.

It is like chess, easy to learn but hard to master. For cosplay, there are also new series to encounter.

And in the process of learning more about photography, I can make new friends, travel the world, and experience new things!

Ryea: Which is your most satisfied/favorite shot so far?

The Puppet IV - I quite like it because of her outfit, the background that I have chosen, as well as the umbrella that she used. Red is nice too.
Burst Angel Broken Wings
Nunnally Her Endless Dreams
Sandplay Miku
The Moon King II
The Lone Wolf II
The World is his Stage

Ryea: Which photo you've taken is the most challenging to you? why?

My most challenging shot so far would be this shot The Tale of Odin's Daughter because of the extreme lighting condition presented to me during that time. Also, because of the strong wind it is not that easy for my friend to keep still!

Ryea: What aspect do you think that you have improved a lot since you started photography?

In the past I tend to be 'trigger happy' in taking photos and love to spend a lot of time behind the computer to 'fix' up the shots. Nowadays, I try to get it right during the photo taking stage, doing a bit of touch up at the post-processing stage.

I also have a better understanding of how light works, both natural and artificial, as well as the equipments used to achieve the effects required.

Ryea: What's your goal achievement in photography?

To make memories, to make people laugh, to inspire others to do better. I also wish to present cosplay photography as a serious genre, not as something that is easily dismissed by the rest of the photography community.

Ryea: Who do you look up to or inspires you?

Here are some of the people that inspires me, which by no means exhaustive.

John Raddell Rankin:
Nick Brandt:
Colin Bell:
Steve McCurry:

Ryea: Any advise to those are new starter or interested in photography?

Never to be intimidated, to always learn from mistakes, and to practice often. There's really no special magic to it, everybody can learn and improve in their own photography!

Ryea: In your opinion, what defines a photo as an average photo and an awesome photo?

An average photo, is a photo that can be well taken in every technical aspect. It can even have a momentary wow factor, an instant gratifiying feeling.

But an awesome photo, to me, is something people can remember for years to come. Such a photo, defines the photographer who takes it, and goes beyond the mainstream. It can be unique, it can even be a shot that is not techically perfect. In short, a photo that can tell a thousand words (or tales).

Ryea: Lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay this site?

It is a nice site that showcases some of the most amazing cosplays around, with balanced coverage featuring the photographers too. I hope to see the site grow from strength to strength in the near future.

Thanks a lot, Hexlord !!~

Yuri Mania 36

Gokigenyou! As some of you may have seen on Figure.FM, this picture drawn by Yakuri_Moe got lots of attention in the 100th Weekly Lily. It's got quite a story behind it actually.

Yaku approached me weeks before it was time for #100 to see if she can contribute any drawing for it. I was ecstatic, but I had no idea at the time what kind of picture I'm looking for. After a few minutes I had an image of Mugi fantasizing about Saber and Haruhi in a yuri relationship where Saber is the top.

Fast forward on the night I was going to post #100, I gave the idea that's in my head to Yaku and she quickly drew, scanned, outlined everything so fast that I wasn't even ready for it. Some days your body just can't be ready for anything... When I opened the picture... I. LAUGHED. SO. HARD! Not only did the image in my mind came to life, but it exceeded my expectation! It's almost like Yaku was reading my mind and traced the image from my head and put her own twist into it xD I just loved all the faces in the art!

So that was about 3-4 weeks ago... And now it's been 2 years since I started Yuri Mania here and Weekly Lily... I must do something special and I knew I was going to bring Yaku's art back in action. I loved it way too much... So now, not only is it the 2nd year anniversary, but it's also... the 50th Melancholy of Saber Lily!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 50
Ah Mugi... Why are you so good at bringing my imagination to life? ^_^ As always, this 4koma has been posted on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site... The title is a bit lame, lol, but it was basically like Inception, except it's a fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy. It's unfortunate I had to split the 3rd panel in two like that... I just ran out of panels for what I want to do XD

I wanted Mugi to look like she's relaxing while enjoying the picture by Yaku ^^ So that's why one of her legs is raised up.

And of course I gotta put in a bigger picture of the kissing scene! So hard to get the pose I want ^^; In the end, they didn't turn out so bad ;)

Here's a close-up... Also the picture I used in the dream bubble of the 4th panel. I'm so glad that Saber casual had that eyes-closed face ^^

But to be honest... Their face never touched each other ^^;;; But very close!

This was another hard photo to take. I wanted to get everyone's face to be clear in it, but the manual focus and macro option was giving me a bit of a hard time. Finally I was able to get this one before I had to finish the photo session :D

A bit of a short post, I know ^^; It's been quite a busy last few weeks/months for me. Anyway... Here's one last picture, the same 4koma as above, but with a slight change ;)


January 2011 Doll Meet

For the first BJD Meet of 2011, DoA member Rillystar organized a Winter Wonderland in Richmond. Little do we know that Winter Wonderland actually happened a few days later after the meet in Vancouver ^^;

Since I usually post whatever I have in one post, I'll give you an "Image Heavy Post" warning, lol. I did cut down on some because some of them are blurry... The camera I'm using just doesn't cut it sometimes... Anyhoo, let's get on with it without me giving the jibber jabber XD

Saber stayed home this time just because I wanted to keep it easier for me since I have another gathering in my schedule.

I still love this Alice-like doll owned by Kurohitori. I found out that her feet are bigger than it should be, lol.

The room we gathered in was provided by bluestarbaby again and was glad it was close to some access to food, because I got really hungry!

And I got to meet Chun's Nyanko, whose face is actually Yoko's... And her ballo... oppai is the DD dynamite. First time I've seen it in person... So big!

Super close-up of Nyanko! I was curious what she looks like up close, so I took a picture of it :P

This is the braid that Chun was talking about in one of her posts. I liked it, but as she has told me before it was too far to the back to be visible sadly.

Nekomimi mode desu!

GAR looking boys! They look quite unique in this month's gathering.

AH! They're playing the DS! I wonder what they're playing...

These two are owned by Neko. We started talking to her after she commented on my Ayanami Rei hoodie ^^ So we talked for a bit, a lot was about Ayanami Rei and Shrines and such ^^;

Kurohitori got a new wig for one of her girls. Looks good because it matches her eyes. I really like the two-tone colour look of the hair.

Another unique looking doll. The details on his arm look very good!

Nekomimi alpaca... Not to be confused with Tora Alpaca...

Lots of cute little guys too! Kitsune?

I've also learned that a BJD dealer also resides in BC who goes under Featherfall. Lots of stuff for sale! If I had money I would so buy that doll in the centre.

The short, platinum blonde-haired girl is actually Chun's as well. She got it restrung at this meet, so perhaps we'll see more of her later, yes? :3

A standoff! Hmm... Well, more like everybody trying to get all the dolls to stand without any support ^^; Not sure why the guy farthest to the right isn't wearing any pants......

A braid standoff!

Now, why did I take a picture of this? Oh right... the necklace, hehehe.

Azunyan: "These two pillows are very comfortable! And soft like a pair of ..."

Azunyan looks cute reading a book on Nyanko's lap ^^

The Pose!

Bunny wabbit, pyon pyon!

I have nothing to say ^^;; Unfortunately my Alpaca that I was ordering from YesAsia was sold out so I can't get my own... -_- Anyway... That's it for the first meet of the year!