Dolls Usaki Todo Cosplay Costume

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Are you worried about the coming cosplay show? How about Dolls Usaki Todo Cosplay Costume? You are lucky to be guided here. Now, follow me. Fabulous cosplay costumes are introduced to you below.

Excellent cosplay costumes make you the same as Usaki Todo in Dolls. Usaki Todo emerges with a brown soldier overcoat. Here, this overcoat is made to be 100% same with the real Usaki Todo’s look. Two lines of buttons are applied upon. The black leather belt with metal hasp and spots is matched. On both cuffs, a circle of black leather string is added. Like the belt, a leather piece with two separated straps is applied at the place where the overcoat is open.

Inside the brown overcoat, a white shirt is worn with a red necktie. Any detail is covered here. The badge and red & round piece on which the name of dolls in Chinese is shown are both offered together with the overcoat.

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Yes, pants with red strap are also offered by us. To create the same look with Usaki Todo, you will also need the white pocket carried on her waist. Also, the white gloves and black police hat with yellow stripes are required. Then, a pair of black leather boots helps you. It’s better if the boots are leather as they will look smooth & shiny.

From above pictures, you have known Usaki Todo uses a pistol. This is easy to be found today, isn’t?

Never have customers feel disappointed here. Certainly you will not be the exception. Now, purchase Dolls Usaki Todo Cosplay Costume from below picture.