Dolls The First Unit Uniform Cosplay Costume

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Put your worry about the coming costume play aside. All of your demands will be met here, by a professional cosplay costume team. Are you looking for Dolls The First Unit Uniform Cosplay Costume? The following is a brief introduction for you.

The First Unit members all wear white military uniforms. Here, the overcoat is made from luxurious fabrics. 100% comfort and similarity are strongly ensured. On the overcoat, gold buttons and strings are widely applied. Around the waist, a pocket for the gun is added. Hasp design is spotted on the low-half of overcoat.

A blue leather belt and an arm band in the same color are also offered together with the uniform. Stop seeking for the hat as we also have this, ready for you.

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Cosplay costumes offered by us are ensured to be crafted strictly according to original looks in the anime. You will be a qualified member in the First Unit with Dolls The First Unit Uniform Cosplay Costume. Then, spend another several minutes here on taking a look at our cosplay wigs. You see there is really no need for you to dye or cut your hair. Just select a wig and put it on.

Members in the First Unit all wear black leather boots with length to the calves. This is easy to be done, isn’t? Have already seen their swords and guns? Yes, we have a large collection of cosplay weapons. Just take a look?

Check out Dolls The First Unit Uniform Cosplay Costume below. Never will you feel despondent with your decision. Besides cheap price, extra discount and free shipping are both offered. Enjoy your show.