Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume

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Looking for cosplay costumes? If so, you must be willing to stop at here. Never did we make you customers disappointed. This time, Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume is introduced to you.

Five sets are offered here, covering four red suits and one white-brown uniform. Kagura wears a long Chinese cheongsam. The red dress can not be simpler. A whole red piece set the entire tone. Yellow stitching is applied on each edge. Certainly, cheongsam has no sleeves. It becomes open on both sides around the hip.

Another darker red suit is Gin Tama Kagura I Cosplay Costume. It is completely the same with above costume expect the hue. Being crafted from cotton canvas and soft loneta, it must be incredibly comfortable.

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The third set is Gin Tama Kagura 4th Cosplay Costume. Black belt is added. So are black collar and black cuffs. On the back, the rabbit patter is added. Once again, this color is much darker than the red Gintama Silver Soul Kagura Cosplay Costume.

To meet all of your demands, here is the fifth suit for Kagura—a white jacket, a brown skirt and a red cravat. All these are made to be 100% same with original Kagura’s look.

Do you need to dye your hair to be silver red? Of course, do not please. A large range of wigs are offered by us. Take a look please. Then, pick out a pair of black high heels or boots to match the cheongsam or the uniform.

Any detail is not admitted to be neglected here. Now, follow me. The following is Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume for you. Buy it here; you will also applaud for your decision.