Nyagato ~Metamo Version

"Nyaa..." In a deadpan voice as Yuki would've put it. This is the Metamo version of Nagato Yuki made by Bandai. Probably one of the only nekomimi Nagato Yuki (or should I say Nyagato?) figure around aside from the trading figures.

Metamo, short for metamorphosis. In this case, Metamo for this figure is colour changing. I'm not a fan of taking figure boxes anymore, so here it is all in one picture. As you can see you can have different versions of this Nyagato!

But first... I have to talk about my first Metamo figure.

There are plenty of bunny girl Haruhi figures around, but not one that changes colour. This is my first bunny girl Haruhi, the second being the Sega version and the third would be the Gift version.

I guess I don't really like the reflective eyes, but it is a cheaper kind of figure. it doesn't really matter anyway.

I forget how well built Haruhi is for a school girl... That or they're very generous when they make figures ^^;

The backside with that unsightly stand... I don't want to remove it when I display it though since it might actually lean. Darn cheap figure...

Here's that sign in upright position.

It kinda looks like she's on a crutch, lol. But anyway this is the fully coloured Haruhi. When the figure gets warm she changes to white. I think there is another version where she is originally red instead of brown.

Ok, she's a little bit dusty... I really like her bunny tail and I have to say her bare back looks really, really good.

And now for the colour change. Haruhi is an older Metamo figure, so some of the brown colour sticks to the white part even when it's warm/hot.

You might think that perhaps this colour change gimmick because of temperature is nothing new. And I would agree with you. I was not impressed by it, but I am a big Haruhi fan and I was lacking some of her figures. When I bought this Haruhi I was not in a good mood (I tend to shop when I'm in a bad mood...)

I like putting just one finger on her leg, it looks like her stocking has a run.

Once I got home and opened this Haruhi, I was giddy like a schoolboy! Okay, a perverted schoolboy... I was just handling her on a hot summer day, so I quickly got her to change colour just by touching, and when I realized where I touched her, I was just giggling with a perverted face; a happy perverted face. It's very nice to know I can be cheered up just by this, eh? Then again, who wouldn't be happy if you're touching a girl and she changes colour?

And now on to Nyagato! I think I remembered some people complained how her face didn't look that good... Thankfully I bought this on sale ^^

So you're wondering why she looks like a cow? Well the tail wasn't attached from the package, so I was trying to attach it, but since it's becoming warmer here in Vancouver, I can't help but change some of her colour just by holding her and attaching her tail.

Uh... No... I wasn't touching her in appropriate places, honest... I was just trying to attach her tail...


I was trying to give her the Two-Face look, but I can only do so much by touching her...

You can see most of the base of her tail is white. It's where I've been holding the tail.

Sylvester the Cat tail colour :D

Yes, you can also change the colour of her nekomimi ^_^

Hmmmm... It looks like the evidence is obvious enough... There are prints on her everywhere! Well it's evident that Ecchi Man's been here... Might as well continue.

Even though her clothes change colour her pantsu are still pure white ;)

This is a great angle. Of course my target was the panchira...

You might be able to determine my identity by these fingerprints... But you don't know which finger this is :P

To recover her original colours, you can just put the figure into the fridge. Which is what I did... My dad saw the Haruhi whose colour was being recovered inside the fridge... I explained to him about the colour change, lol.

To fully change into the white colour it'd have to be 30 degrees celsius... Or you can touch her as I've mentioned before. Or you can use a hair dryer. I'll try that once I get a hold of a hair dryer.

Which do you prefer? Black or white?

Hopefully the tail stay attached properly... It was hard to put in.

It almost looks like you can peek inside.......

Big paws! You know what they say about big paws... "Hurry up! Stop making us wait so long!" Hahahaha, get it? "Paws." "Pause." Nyahahahahaaa..... Never mind...

Nice curvy back too.

Ah here's a shot with the stand that was included. It's kinda useless since it doesn't really attach to her...

I wanna slip an ice cube down her back and dress...

And down the front of her dress too...

Right now Nyagato is placed near my computer. I've used Haruhi as a thermometer in my room. Haruhi stayed white for all of summer last year. It was freaking hot! So now this Nyagato will be my thermometer for the computer. If she becomes white then perhaps I need to get an air conditioner...