Yuri Mania 36

Gokigenyou! As some of you may have seen on Figure.FM, this picture drawn by Yakuri_Moe got lots of attention in the 100th Weekly Lily. It's got quite a story behind it actually.

Yaku approached me weeks before it was time for #100 to see if she can contribute any drawing for it. I was ecstatic, but I had no idea at the time what kind of picture I'm looking for. After a few minutes I had an image of Mugi fantasizing about Saber and Haruhi in a yuri relationship where Saber is the top.

Fast forward on the night I was going to post #100, I gave the idea that's in my head to Yaku and she quickly drew, scanned, outlined everything so fast that I wasn't even ready for it. Some days your body just can't be ready for anything... When I opened the picture... I. LAUGHED. SO. HARD! Not only did the image in my mind came to life, but it exceeded my expectation! It's almost like Yaku was reading my mind and traced the image from my head and put her own twist into it xD I just loved all the faces in the art!

So that was about 3-4 weeks ago... And now it's been 2 years since I started Yuri Mania here and Weekly Lily... I must do something special and I knew I was going to bring Yaku's art back in action. I loved it way too much... So now, not only is it the 2nd year anniversary, but it's also... the 50th Melancholy of Saber Lily!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 50
Ah Mugi... Why are you so good at bringing my imagination to life? ^_^ As always, this 4koma has been posted on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site... The title is a bit lame, lol, but it was basically like Inception, except it's a fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy. It's unfortunate I had to split the 3rd panel in two like that... I just ran out of panels for what I want to do XD

I wanted Mugi to look like she's relaxing while enjoying the picture by Yaku ^^ So that's why one of her legs is raised up.

And of course I gotta put in a bigger picture of the kissing scene! So hard to get the pose I want ^^; In the end, they didn't turn out so bad ;)

Here's a close-up... Also the picture I used in the dream bubble of the 4th panel. I'm so glad that Saber casual had that eyes-closed face ^^

But to be honest... Their face never touched each other ^^;;; But very close!

This was another hard photo to take. I wanted to get everyone's face to be clear in it, but the manual focus and macro option was giving me a bit of a hard time. Finally I was able to get this one before I had to finish the photo session :D

A bit of a short post, I know ^^; It's been quite a busy last few weeks/months for me. Anyway... Here's one last picture, the same 4koma as above, but with a slight change ;)