Azunyan Desktop Fun

So the night before I go and have a meet with a doll group I thought I'd have a little photo fun with Azunyan. Looks like she's eyeing something on my desktop...

What are you looking at?
Azunyan: "I see a nekomimi, papa."
Ah... Don't call me papa... It makes me sound old.
Azunyan: "Oh? What do I call you then? Onii-chan?"
OH HELL YEAH! ...I mean... yes, that would be appropriate...

Do you want help to get up?
Azunyan: "I can do it myself."

Azunyan: "Ah finally.. Made it up here."

Azunyan: "Umm... Onii-chan, you didn't take a picture of my pantsu by any chance, did you?"
Uuhhh... Why would you say that?
Azunyan: *disbelieving look* "Sure..."

Azunyan: "Ah there's the nekomimi!"

Azunyan: "Ack! I tripped on something!"
Are you alright Azunyan?

Azunyan: "What did I trip on?"

Azunyan: "Oh, an oppai mousepad... It's so nice and soft!"

Azunyan: "Umm... I mean... ERO NII-NII!"

Azunyan: "On to the nekomimi!"

Azunyan: *poke rub touch*

So cute when she's standing on her toes ^_^

Azunyan: "AH! They turned white!"
You've held on them too long ^^;

Azunyan: "Something else caught my eye..."

Azunyan: "Yui-senpai!"

Azunyan: "Ah Yui-senpai... Don't cry..."

Azunyan: "Onii-chan, take a picture!"
Okie dokie!

Azunyan: "Aaaahhh... Yui-senpai..." *CHUU*

Azunyan: "ONII-CHAN!! You're not supposed to take a picture of that!
Nii nii no baka!"

Azunyan: "Hmmphh... Fine, I'll play with this then."

Azunyan: "Onii-chan, may I have this?"
Ah, but it's a present from a friend.

Aaah so cute! Okay okay, you can borrow it for a while.

Azunyan: "YAY! Thank you onii-chan!
Let's just say this is payment for the panchira and yuri kiss photo, okay?"

Azunyan: "Kawaii?"

Back in the bedroom... Anyway... Azunyan, we're going out tomorrow.
Do you want to wear your uniform or something else?
Azunyan: "Let's wear something new for the occasion!"
Okay, let's take a look at our box!

Azunyan: "Oh a whole box of clothes!"

Azunyan: "Hee hee... Onii-chan, why is there a Spider-Man toothbrush in here?"
It's your hair brush...
Azunyan: "Ok, but why is it Spider-Man? Ahaha."
I like Spider-Man, okay? *pouts*

Azunyan: "Onii-chan! There's a naked girl picture in here! Tee hee!"
Oy! Put that away! That's supposed to be a secret for now...

Azunyan: "Oh oh! I want to wear this!"
Sure, I bought that especially for you.
Azunyan: "Thank you onii-chan!"

Azunyan: "I'll go change now... HEY! Don't peek!"
Okay, I'll wait til you get changed...
*Looks away*

Azunyan: "Hey onii-chan! Over here!"
What? *Looks* AAAAH! So cute!
Azunyan: "Tee-hee! That's a tease for you as thanks for the taiyaki."
Anyway... That's it for now. I'll post the photos from the Doll Meet and Azunyan's new outfit soon ^^