The First Doll Meet - Halloween

After a quick and mini doll meet on the Saturday, it was time for the main event; the official Doll Meet on Sunday! So why not start off with a doll in costume and with a Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin motif? First of all I brought Saber with me... The dangerous part is that Saber doesn't have a hair-like hair, but PVC-like hair. So I had to separate her head and place her in a separate case. But she fit the nurse clothes I bought a long time ago. It's a Re-Ment costume that I bought for $5, but it's definitely worth it since Saber looks so good in it! She might have to stay in that outfit for a while XD

Oh and honestly... I was nervous to meet a lot of people there. I've only known a few people like the Candyman who I hung out with the day before and as well as...

Chun! And her Taiga! It's nice to have a picture of her and Saber together, but the size difference is... Well quite significant ^^;

But I was still nervous since I'm one of the only two guys in the whole meeting area... I was a bit nervous at first, but the common theme of dolls really bring people together.

Lots and lots of unique dolls and in costumes as well, especially since it's Halloween-themed :D

Saber looks out of place ^^; Pink outfit and smaller than the rest, haha. She likes to hang out with the big crowd apparently. ^^;

But maybe the Gundam is more out of place than Saber ^^; Hmm... the pink-haired one looks like the Luka I saw at Anime Evolution.

Lots and lots of unique dolls. I really like the ears on this one.

This is Cammy, Candyman's musume. The goggles and skull decoration are really cool-looking!

Another group shot from the other side. Here you can see Azunyan ^_^

I like that Mummy girl! ^_^

Cute witchy ^.^

Awesome tattoo! The owner, JM, said it was quite expensive to do this custom job, even if it was on sale ^^;

Crocodile doll?

Wai wai! Azunyan made a new friend... Mokotan! She finally met someone her size and same coloured outfit too! Ah and yes, I neglected to tell the story of Azunyan's outfit. I actually bought it BEFORE I got Azunyan! Yes, I knew I was going to get her, but it was months away and I worry the dress might sell out... It's a perfect match for guitarist Azunyan ^_^

Another group shot... With Mokotan and Azunyan now!

Watch those fingers buddy!

Would you believe this is a boy? ^^;

Very cute Alice in Wonderland group!

Lots and lots of clothes going around. It was awesome! Too bad none of them fit mine ^^;

Looks even cuter inside the pumpkin!

Gundam's shoulder is quite sturdy enough for dolls to sit on!

Aki and Jiro make a cute couple, don't they? ^o^ The pirate girl is cool too there in the corner.


Aki has a change of clothes... Tres chic!

Looks like Saber made a new friend...

Ey ey ey! Watch the hand there buddy!

Uhhh... I don't know how this picture got here...

Lots and lots of outfit changing! It was quite fun actually.
Maybe I should've brought more of Azunyan's clothes.

Wolf-like hair as Candyman said.
Unfortunately I had work that day so I had to leave early, so I must've missed out on quite a lot ^^;;; There's always a next time ^_^

So at work I had my own personal doll meet with the two sisters. They seem to have separated during the meet, but at work, they're together... Just don't tell Saber about what Azunyan did, ok? ^^;;;;

Bai bai! Until next time! See you again!