Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay

Another Anime Expo is finished and somehow the easiest thing to sort out were the cosplay photos. I don't even know how to sort out the other ones yet... So anyway, don't mind my whining. For now here are the cosplay photos. It was another hot weekend in L.A. and I applaud each and everyone of these cosplayers (well except maybe people wearing skimpy outfits :P) for going out there to brave the hot summer in L.A.!

There are about 56 photos here, so you might be scrolling for a while ^^; In case I miss some names or labeled the cosplay by mistake, please let me know and I'll edit. Thanks! Cosplayers who see their photo here and want the original photos or maybe you don't want me to post it here, please email me and we can arrange something :)

This is Scanty of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, I believe. I can never get Kneesocks or Scanty right ^^;

I had to stop these Nia and Yoko because of what Nia's wearing. Awesome!

Kagura from Gintama

Stocking... I believe this is someone from the Funimation booth ^^

Tomoe Mami being rescued by Morning Rescue ^^;

Black AND White Rock Shooter

Two Princess, one... crowd :P Zelda and Peach

Holo that I stopped on the stairway ^^; I just noticed her bag now... AWESOME!

Gender Bender Squall!

Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Saturn! Thanks for looking at my camera, Pluto ^_^

Akiyama Mio, Listen version. Maybe I should've gone with my gender bender Mugi again?

Miko Trooper ^^;;; This is the same SOS Brigade Leader Trooper as last year, lol.

A complete Panty and Stocking pair!

I was running late, but I HAD TO TAKE THIS PHOTO!!! Unagi from Popotan is so rare, especially since Unagi is voiced by one of my favourite seiyuu, Kawasumi Ayako.

Maridah's Suenaga Mirai along with Dancing Queen as Rei in the background... And I also see my roommate soulfringe in the background, lol.

I see someone was doing a Rei & Asuka photoshoot... Now that I think about it, I wonder if that's Dancing Queen again ^^;

Random meido... Unless someone knows this is from a certain series ^^;

Starscream and ... Megatron, I guess ^^

A Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay gathering at the Aniplex booth. Lots of Mamis!

Some kind of time convergence! 4 Mami vs Charlotte...

Two Kaname Madokas ^_^

Sayaka and Mami

Makinami Mari Illustrious! Probably the only one at AX ^^;

Guu and Hare! So nice to see something from Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu ^^

Crono (Chrono?) and Lucca from Chrono Trigger

Normally I don't take much photos of crossplayer, but this is not one of them, lol. An accurate Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka ^^;

Neliel, Grimmjow and Urahara from Bleach

The possessor of the Tri-Force of Power, Gannondorf!

Link and an oversized Midna :P

Sheik and Link... From different universes/timeline ^^;

A Queen's Blade group: Erina, Nanael, Melpha, Claudette & Ymir... When will I see Echidna and Aldra cosplay?

Maridah's Saber! Too bad I missed her Saber Lion, gao...

Usopp from One Piece. The nose looks great!

Adel, Ultimecia and Edea from Final Fantasy VIII. Thanks Soth for the naming help!

Misaka Mikoto! Maybe the only one this year...

Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed

Need another help here... I know it's Kallen on the right, but dunno about the one on the left ^^;

Elsie from KamiNomi :)

Tiger and Bunny

And another bunny! Buruma in bunny outfit surrounded by... Dragonballs ^^;

Oh no, she spotted me! LoL I was hijacking someone else's photoshoot ^^;

Panty and Brief? I don't remember that Brief outfit ^^;

Meiko and Kaito! I was happy to see more Meiko around AX this year ^_^

And another Meiko! This is the same Meiko I used as the top photo, but in this one she saw my Shiteyanyo shirt and had a good laugh out of it ^w^

More Madoka! That bow is awesome!

Madoka and her friend, Stardust Witch Meruru from OreImo. Thanks Anonymous & Darky-sama!

Kyoko and Mami! Mami seems to be very popular choice for everyone.

Haqua and Elsie wants your lost soul :P

Rare to find a Kigurumi cosplay in N. America... Don't even know the character, lol, just wanted a photo of one. 

More Transformers... Bumblebee, Ironhide and Megatronko.

Cheergirl Bayonetta and Rodin

Fran from FFXII

There's a reason why I wanted to take a photo of this Nagato... Not just because of the mean stare there ^^;

It's because she's holding a video camera when I first seen her... Which reminds me of this 4koma below:

And that's it this year... I should've taken more photos. So many Touwa Erios too! But I just couldn't take much photos this year for some reason ^^; Oh well... More AX 2011 posts soon!