NERV HQ & Bday Presents

Here is the NERV HQ base that I got from Yakuri when I was in L.A. I first seen it on her blog and was impressed with it, but this time I have my own and assembled it. It's quite compact at first, but it opens up to a lot of things you see from the anime! Most impressive!

So I guess I'll be doing the same thing as her but in reverse order, it seems ^^; So here's the base opened up. So compact yet it holds so many cool things inside!

First up, at the top of the pyramid, is Gendou sitting at his desk observing and directing Major Kusaragi on what to do.

And here's the whole base opened up, showing all 5 characters that were in those boxes. It reminds me of Falcon Base from Voltes V for some reason.

Here's my lovely Rei (where I screwed up the macro photo...) at gate 07. It's locked and she got an old passcard... Oh what to do...

Then comes Shinji opening up the door with her new card for her. The escalator also moves when you turn the dial on the side! It's very cute and impressive what you can do with such a small thing.

Here's Shinji getting told by Gendou to pilot EVA-01... at his desk... And then there's Asuka hiding in the background ^^;

Unit 01 opens up to release the plug entry... That none of them will fit in ^^; There's also the hospital bed that Shinji woke up in many times with the unfamiliar ceiling... (Though you'd think it'd be familiar after a while...)

Asuka comes with a scale entry plug... Only  a part of it though... Another dial opens up the entry plug on the side. It was actually kinda hard to take her out after a while ^^;

And one of the big product placeme... Sponsors of Evangelion is UCC coffee. They're well stocked at the NERV HQ.

Here's the Central Dogma where they keep the most secret of secrets...

But Misato shows it to Shinji anyway... It's Lilith with the Lance of Longinus!

I really, really love this part! It's Eva Unit 00 punching the wall when it went berserk!

Just push the button and you get a closeup of the fist! Really cool! Check out the video that Yaku made out of it :D

Lastly... Kaji's watermelon garden. It's summer time, so time to smash some :P

Want some gum? ^^; These are the candies that came in the box, lol.

Here's a size comparison of the figures with my newly made business cards... Hmm... I wonder what those two are talking about... :D

The NERV HQ was a part of my birthday presents that came 2 weeks early! The ones below came on the day ^_^

Panty & Stocking Nendoroid, though I paid part of it and the seller was nice enough to bring it down to $100 if I get both ^o^ Then the Multi from To Heart poster was free with the purchase. The little Rei is given from someone else and the cake is from my brother :)



And a present to myself... Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3!