Cardcaptor Lightning Sabre

I've captured a few cards from Anime Expo. I'm not sure what kind of magic is in it if I call out their names... "Hooeeeeeeee!" Ah yea... I am a big fan of Cardcaptor Sakura after all, lol. Now where's my guardian animal, Keroberos, to explain what these cards do?

"Konyanyashiwa! Keroberos ya!" *in my best Kansai accent* Ahem... Anyhoo I got a few business cards from people I met there, but unfortunately I couldn't reciprocate... I wanted to get an extra card from Danny for FatB, but to no avail ^^; And yes, the farthest to the left is Kurot's card. Not Clow's card... It's really funny finding Vancouverites in L.A. when we all live in Vancouver XD

Met a few people too, I've mentioned them all in my main Anime Expo post. One card even has an IMDB link! How cool is that?? Even though this is a lot, it still doesn't compare to how many Danny gotten ^^;

Oho, what's this? The sealed cards! (Yes, another Cardcaptor Sakura reference...) I made and ordered my business cards in the beginning of June from Zazzle, but because of the Canada Post strike/lockout, I never received it until I came back from L.A. -_-; The Railgun business card case made by Penguin Parade just arrived today actually, so I thought it's a good time to take these photos finally! The case is metallic and I'm kinda worried the latch will be scratching the case too much... Oh well... I'll just have to get a new case :P

Bwahaha! Behold my card! Very simple. I put my phone number on there because I was going to give some out in L.A. for Anime Expo so people can contact me there, but that didn't happen. Though I think when I order some more I'm gonna take out that number ^^;

And here is the backside of the card... Darnit... They removed my explicit yuri image from the back of my card... LOL!