Year of the Taiga

For a few years, since Chun created the custom Taiga Dollfie, I've been bugging her about dollnapping her ^^; But no more!

I've finally able to convince Chun (with a truckload of money, and lots and lots of begging and groveling, not a pretty sight I tells ya) to sell me her Taiga Dollfie! I'm soooooooooo happy! I've been eyeing her for a while, especially after watching and loving the anime.

It was no easy task attaining her actually... I've heard from a passing comment by Chun at a doll meet that she is creating another Taiga head. Then an idea popped in my head (no pun intended); "why don't I ask her to sell it to me." It took a lot of talking and conversations and many emails, but it was finally a deal :D With the truckload of money (plus one extra item I feel sad to let go...), Chun was also able to track me down a few materials for us to both have a Taiga! I have a smiling Taiga and Chun has a new one that hasn't been revealed yet,so I won't say what it is :P

Edit: Ooooh! Looks like Chun posted her new Taiga now!

Chun was also kind enough to let me pay in installments, but because I had a lot of overtime at work recently, I was able to pay her in full!

So here she is finally, my first dollfie musume! Complete with her school uniform! She's still posing awkwardly because of that MDD body. I'm still afraid of posing her too much, especially after the warnings Chun gave me :(

For now she's got her standard standing pose and leaning against the wall pose ^^;;;

I was eager to pose her with any Taiga/Toradora merchandise I can find around the house. I bought this Taiga fan a long time ago from eBay. She looks like a peacock in this picture XD

And of course, it wouldn't be my kind of post unless we see some 4komas! Just arriving and Taiga has already have to deal with this craziness ^^;;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily part 51
I'm also using a new technique that I discovered while reading Ichiroh manga that my friend lent me :D Taiga definitely has to be in two frames!

You can always read more of The Melancholy of Saber Lily at the comic site ;)


This one is a great angle :D

And of course you can't call it "The Melancholy of Saber Lily" without Saber Lily herself, right?

The Melancholy of Saber Lily part 52
This is true... Haruhi has taken down Dollfies bigger than Taiga ^^;

Yup, I photoshopped out that stand in the 4koma ^^;

This one really shows the size comparison between figmas and Taiga 0.o She's still huge!

Bonus dress! Chun threw this in the deal as well ^^
Will take more pictures soon! For now I have to find a spot for Taiga to reside in my room... Another difficult task! And unfortunately I'm not like Ryuuji at all ^^;;

For some reason my face turns out blurry when I take pictures of myself ^^;;
Thank you very much Chun for finally being able to own a Dollfie Dream. A Taiga nonetheless! Please take care of the girl I gave to you and enjoy my hard-earned money XD