Belated White Day

Way way way back on Valentine's Day, 2 months ago, Saber gave me this giri choco... Ah well, it's actually a drawing of Saber giving me giri choco, an obligatory chocolate that's given to men, but not meant to be out of love ^^; Errr... Anyway, I'm sure some of you know that already, but what you didn't know is that this Saber was drawn and given to me by Yakuri 2 months ago ^_^ Hehe I was very surprised specially since she was swearing as she tried to upload this picture to send it to me, lol.

Anyway... A month later, I gave her these White Day presents ^^ Some of you may have seen it on Figure.FM last month.

This one is definitely catered for Yaku, lol. The next one I had some weird, twisted idea I want to implement.

It helped that I actually found Asahina Mikuru (Adult Version) figma that was on sale ^o^ Pardon the image that you can't unsee XD Err anyway, this 4koma was a reference to Yaku giving chocolates to Kyon (and Mugi as well) ;)

And if you enlarge the above image, you can see the birthmark on the chest :D And the blouse is actually flexible enough so it looks like the hands are revealing the ample bosom within!

And here's Kyon giving Yaku the real White Day present ;)