Benefits And Effects Eggs For Healthy

This time I'll share a little knowledge about the benefits and health effects of eggs fatherly Who does not know the food on this one "egg" is the result of fertilization of the chicken oval-shaped crustaceans


• eating eggs regularly is very good fatherly eye health.
• eggs are rich in protein and amino acids that are very good to strengthen the muscle tissue
• eggs contain choline which may help brain function and cardiovascular system
• eggs contain vitamin D are good fatherly develop bone
• There A study has shown that eating 6 eggs a week lowered the risk of breast cancer by almost 50%.

eggs are rich in nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids actually less. People often avoid eating eggs that are produced commercially for fear that the cholesterol-rich foods will go straight to the heart .so I’ll recommend to eat organic eggs

if you are a pregnant woman is recommended to not eat the eggs of commercial because commercial chickens are usually always in injecting hormones or antibiotics that can produce more eggs and its effects will affect the hormones in humans who eat them

I hope all these articles can help you who want to understand about the benefits and health effects of eggs to warm greeting Sammy andaresta