Ending the Chase Early

This chase has gone long enough! Not really... I've delayed it too long that I'm going to end this arc where Saber Lily is chasing Mikuru for putting her in Haruhi/harm's way early. I had a lot more ideas with motorcycles and skateboards, but I can't find them anyway, so whatever! I'll just get to the point earlier and not delay this development any further. So no more talking... Here are a couple of new 4komas!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 67
Yes, I know, old joke is old ^^; Hopefully I don't recycle this joke too much :P And just like that the chase ends. What comes next?

Here is the Nendoroid face that I photoshopped into the figma's face. I'm too much of a perfectionist sometime so I fiddle with how it looks so much. I am also impatient, so after a while I just said, screw it. It's done!

Also it was White Day yesterday in Japan, where men (or sometimes women) give back something white to women if they gave the men chocolates on Valentine's Day. To my surprise this morning, JList actually posted my White Day comic on Tumblr and Facebook. The reaction was well received! I never thought one of my comics would get that much attention. 86 likes and 13 shares with nice amount of comments. One of the comments even cracked me up with the Futurama reference XD Anyhoo... This post sorta encouraged me to make some more!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 68
Dunno if the punchline is good enough or not ^^; And don't look for that video. It doesn't exist :P I've got a really good idea for the next few parts and hopefully people can enjoy it as much as I do thinking about it. I actually wrote the script in advance this time because the dialogues kept swirling in my head and they just had to be broken down to panels.

Here's an unused photo/panel. I find it too similar to the first panel of the first comic here, so I took this out. It really does look funny how Lily is just raging like this from behind XD

Feel free to read the rest of the story on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site!

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