Early March Doll Meet

Okay, so one more doll meet photos I'll post before I get around to my figma comic! This one happened just a few hours ago before I posted it! Which is a rare occasion, since I usually wait til weeks before I post them recently XD

This meet is for one of our member's birthday, so we had lots of cake! Including this caterpillar one! Really awesome. Taste delicious too!

It's also an occasion to show of MEIKO's new dress. I'll make a separate post on this particular dress later on. Too bad the part on the neck caused some staining :(

I love this outfit! I'd love to get my hands on one of these :3

Awesome looking wing! Too bad my photo is a tad blurry.

Helen and her mini Miko twin, Mugi. I had forgotten I have this outfit, lol.

Awesome tin man doll! His chestplate opens up to reveal his purple heart.

Winged twins!

This guy is asking for trouble... Trying to peek into MEIKO's dress... Well, it could be he's just trying to get her attention ^^;

Megane Miko!

MEIKO's dress and Gus' outfit on the far right are both from Doll Heart! Great quality dress!

Kudo being pushed :P


Claiming her prize XD

The first Saber Extra in Vancouver!

Crazy magnet fun! I love Obitsus and their magnetic feet ^o^

Feeling the attraction? XD Thanks to a friend for lending a black pair of glasses for Raven :)

Raven gets her hand busy while Helen's hands are full. And MEIKO and Chaya switch outfits.

This wig definitely do not work for this outfit ^^;

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