Taking Center Stage

This topic came innocently enough from a children's colouring book at Boston Pizza where I had dinner a few weeks ago. I think it was a quiz to determine what kind of job you'd like to have in the future for children or such. It seemed like a forgettable conversation, but somehow it stuck in my mind.

One of the questions was: "Do you like to be the center of attention?" My naturally meek and modest self said, "no", but my brother said, "yes, since you have that blog of yours". The result: "You're a rock star."

Me? Center of attention? Rock star?? Never could see that... But does it mean the fact that I'm mulling it over means it's somewhat true? One of the purposes of a blog is to bring out your thoughts on certain subjects or for some it's like a diary of what happened in their life. Of course that's what I do as well, but from the get go, my blog was meant to show off unique items and projects I've been doing; from my custom Gundam projects, the Saber Lily 4koma, to the semi-stop-motion videos I've made. But does that really mean I like to be the center of attention? I think of it as challenging myself to make these posts as good and unique as they can be so that perhaps they can get some attention. I can't see myself as the center of attention, however; I'd be too shy.

What do you think? Do you think I really like being the center of attention? Does having a blog mean you like to be the center of attention? Do you like to be the center of attention? :3

Anyway... I was looking up "stage" on Danbooru to find a proper image for this post and encountered this MEIKO picture drawn by Ino again. So I figured it's best for this one to take center stage, yes? You can see the video of Ino drawing MEIKO below (original video from NicoNicoDouga).