Yuri Mania 35: Mugi Vision

Gokigenyou minna. As you can see above it's Mugi... And you know how it is when Mugi has that look in her eyes. Well the point of this post is to celebrate the 100th Weekly Lily in Figure.fm. The premise actually came about when I asked around what I should do for it... My comrade at arms (and Mugi's waifu), Yakuri_Moe, suggested  something to do with Mugi Vision. I liked that idea and worked it in my head and well... You know how it is in my head; it will not be clean at all ^^;

So let's put that in The Melancholy of Saber Lily 4koma and see what happens ;P I didn't just make one, nor two but FIVE 4koma! ENJOY! Oh and this post shouldn't be looked at if you're at work...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 45
So the premise is simple. Haruhi is giving Mugi the power to change her visions into reality ^^; You have no idea how hard it was to get all 5 Haruhi together. Chouyusha Haruhi kept falling over and cheerleader Haruhi can only stand on one knee. And they fall over once I put the knee pit licking Haruhi in there... Uh... Yeah...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 46
To be honest this was somewhat forced ^^; I wanted to include Saber Lily for sure, but I couldn't figure out what joke I can play with, but if the joke doesn't work, you still get a Saber orgy in 2 panels :P Figma Saber and Figma Saber Alter were difficult to place together. Uh and I wanted a classier premier of Saber Extra, but oh well, close enough. Below you can see a closer look at the Saber orgy ^_^

Casual Saber eating from her "bowl of rice"...

Revoltech Saber doesn't want to kiss at first...

I like how you can see through Saber Extra's skirt to see casual Saber's ahoge...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 47
I guess Mugi gets another wish ^^;;; Should I even explain? Now I wonder who's the first lucky girl to get skinship from Mugi Aldra? ^o^

It's all in the details... Uh... I don't mean the Revoltech Aldra, though very well detailed she is. I recoloured Aldra's hair for the 4koma to make her blonde like Mugi. Very minor detail, but I wanted to make that distinction that it's Mugi in Aldra's outfit ^^

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 48
So which is it? Which part is a dream and which part is reality? =P Oh and I broke Azunyan's neko paw hand in one of these shoots... The peg broke inside and I was trying to get it out with a plier, but I just pushed it in more. So I said screw it and used a screwdriver (har har!) to grind the peg to powder and pulled out the rest when the peg was all gone. Gotta thank Optic for this because I found his broken Figma hand post on my phone and somehow used that method. Figma hands are different since his post, but still similar technique can be used. I used a 1.44 mm screwdriver btw.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 49

So who saw this joke coming when you know that Figma Luka comes with a giant tuna? I at first did not consider getting Luka at all, but then I realized I could make this joke after seeing the preview of the tuna ^^; At first I was gonna get Haruhi to be in Mugi's role, but this Weekly Lily special and Luka came at the same time that I thought I could use it this way ^^ Oh and sorry if Mugi is out of character or anything XD Everyone gets their own characteristics in my head, lol.

It was hard for Figma Luka to bend on the bench and was hard to bring her leg up for the second panel, but I worked with it. Anyway, notice anything different with the picture above and the one in the 4koma?

Maybe I should've washed my hand first?
That's right! It's Mio's face in Mugi's head, which means she doesn't have Mugi's takuan eyebrows. This picture was something I was going to use to change Mio's eyebrows, but I used the wrong face for Mugi to get the eyebrows from. I still used it for a colour reference though.

I posted the above picture as a teaser in Weekly Lily 99. I made sure it turned out different :) So you're looking at an early Weekly Lily 100 right here ^_^  I'll add some more extras later in the Figure.FM post, so keep an eye out for that. Now what do I do for the 50th Melancholy of Saber Lily 4koma...