Cecily: Fear of Darkness

Suddenly, Cecily appears. This is Azone's Black Raven series' Cecily with a "Fear of Darkness" subtitle. Somehow she caught my eye when she was available for preorder. I'm also thinking that the 50cm line has been a good seller lately, so I acted rather quickly to get her. So, I guess this would be my "box opening" post... Includes some nude doll photos, so might be NSFW? Especially since it's me posting, after all ^^;

Since Helen was bought separately, head and body, I've never got to experienced the Azone 50cm box opening. I think this was one of my excuse to get Cecily as well.

Cecily is her original name, but I've already come up with my name for her. She is from the same series, Black Raven, as the white-haired Lilia. In fact, the original description is that Cecily is meant to be Lilia's rival. Since I don't have Lilia, I can freely recreate her character. I think she'll be Helen White's rival... So I'm renaming her Raven Black. See what I did thar? Black and White. Black Raven and Raven Black. Not very original, but I'm open to suggestion for her first name even though I'll keep it as Raven anyway :P

This is the Doll Show variation for Cecily. I was somewhat annoyed about not realizing this limited edition, but I think I prefer the blue hair than this pinkish/purple hair.

Finally able to open the box! When I took out the contents, I noticed the black circular thing at the bottom of her feet. It was her metallic base because she has magnetic feet. It'll help her stand... Then I realized, if the base is at the bottom of the box, maybe the box with Helen's body has this base as well. And true be told, after one year of receiving the body, I finally found the base. I facepalmed myself several times for not realizing it was in the box.......

The clothes set... And unfortunately I'm missing the blazer. I contacted Hobby Search right away hoping they can remedy this situation soon. EDIT: Looks like my email to Hobby Search came through and they've already sent the missing blazer!

And here's the next one... Sigh... They just never end, lol. Good thing I'm not adverse to this one, who seems to be called "Brenda Starr"? I think if they make her with a darker skin, I may fall for her...


This is what I was missing when I first got Helen. I had problems with the neck stuck inside the head. Apparently I needed to use hair dryer, lol. Oh well, it worked out ok.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how big her chest was! Ok... pervy mode off... She has a bigger chest than Helen (or the default Obitsu body, I guess).

Second thing I noticed was her pretty blue hair! OMG such awesome hair! Granted it's the same style as Helen's, but I'm not complaining. She's still shedding a bit, so I may find some blue hair lying around for a while ^^; She's not Rei blue but closer to Kan'U Unchou blue, which is cool too. I do like blue hair :3

Raven: "Teeheehee." Helen: "Don't laugh at me you big boobed bi......"

And now somewhat fully dressed. I'm going to leave her as is for now without the mantle and wait for the blazer.

The ojousama pose. O-hohohoho!

I'm betting I'll put her in this pose a lot... That chest is something to be proud of! XD

Now her boots are on... I'm not sure why Azone INSIST on doing laced up boots instead of ones zipped at the back ^^;

One last cute shot... Magnetic feet are fun!

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