Saber Birthday Party

Friday the 13th, 2011... It's Saber's birthday, but I can't even post it properly since Blogger is down. Such misfortune... Anyway, Blogger is back up and now I can finally post about Saber's birthday party! I planned on just only making one 4koma but ended up with a couple more ideas XD Doesn't it make you curious what's going on above? :3

Before that, let me introduce to you... The Saber Lion plushie! When I first seen her, I knew I had to have her. Thankfully this store in Richmond that just opened was selling her. I quickly grabbed her, lol.

And now... On with the party! The 4komas below are posted on the Melancholy of Saber Lily site amongst others ^^

It's very inconvenient whenever Saber Lily goes 1/1 scale on me... You can just never have fun...

Did I tell you that I like that Adult Mikuru figma? It's very useful ^^ It was kinda fun mixing and matching Saber and Saber Alter... But I just realized that Saber Alter's face can't fit into Saber's face...

And now back to the main story... Something I've held off for a long time... You can read this post before reading the 4koma below to refresh your memory. It has been a long time since I continued this story, but I've always had this particular idea in mind for a long time XD

Saber Lion is such a glutton... Did Lily even feed her? No, scratch that... What did she eat to get so big?? So many questions! Err... Anyway, wasn't sure if anyone would like the idea of a whole ferret being eaten (I love that the vest on the ferret is removable), so I made an alternate, slightly less bad ending ^^;

I hate to brag, but I really like how I drew that swirly eye on the ferret ^^; Which End do you prefer? You can see the original picture below.

I've taken photos for the next parts already, just need to edit them, so hopefully not much delay for this storyline for next time ^^;