Tumblr + Interviews

Hi guys,

Firstly would like to thank everyone who're still following reading posts from this dusty blog. TwT
Been always busy and endless busy with life and others, never had time to sit down and post anything.For those, who've been always visit Let's Cosplay for more updates which I failed to do.
I'm really sorry.

To be honest, posting up and updating photos it's certainly a long tiring process.
Before a series is posted. Each and every photos are chosen by clicking and clicking and clicking from thousands of photos, then permission are asked one by one.
I would really love to share photos that really inspires the beauty and passion of cosplays instead of just randomly choose a really random costume-play. =/
As to be honest, because of this long and tiring process and my always busy life *lol* I always have thoughts of stop posting and just close it down since I never have the time to manage this blog. *negative thoughts*
Well, changes are only the thing keep my passion to continue sharing and posting these wonderful cosplays.

then here comes *Tumblr* which saves the days for 2012. haha
Now, I realize it's simpler to share photos in tumblr. I would just share a photo once in a time , instead of collecting much photos before a series is posted. And by that I wouldn't miss sharing out these awesome cosplays. Thus, from now on, if you seek for inspiring cosplay photos, do visit :

But then, sadly to say. All those previous post will be deleted soon to have more organized site for everyone in the future.

Few months ago, I started to interview cosplayers and photographers, instead of just featuring their photos here. I really did enjoy the whole process of interview, getting to know more about cosplayers, photographers, and learnt much from everyone too.
I'm never good in interviewing people, nor my language is good enough but their inspirational words does inspire me to seek for more and continue to do so =')
Therefore, I've decided that I will keep this blog and only for interview purposes.

As in simplify the whole long message , Tumblr - Photos ; Blogspot - Interviews

Thank you again to everyone,
because of you guys I'm now more passionate to share more about how wonderful cosplay is. =')