STOP SMOKING! (Kick The Habit With Nicocure)

Many smokers have a deep desire to quit but they consistently fail because of the dreaded nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Once these symptoms become unbearable, the smoker trying to quit will reach for their cigarettes and once this happens, they may well end up at square one. There are numerous quit smoking products available that all make huge claims to help a smoker quit but few have the ability to relieve the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The Nicocure quit smoking patch claims that it is successful because it removes or greatly reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Before deciding on Nicocure as a possible quit smoking product, you need to understand what nicotine is, what withdrawal symptoms a smoker can expect when quitting, why a smoker gets cravings, and how Nicocure fights these cravings. It is the intention of this article to discuss these topics and determine if Nicocure can live up to its claims.

Nicotine is the substance responsible for fooling your brain into 
releasing a pleasure chemical called Dopamine and nicotine receptors on your nerve endings receive the Dopamine and create happy nerve cells. Nicotine is a powerful and addictive stimulant and because nicotine stimulates Dopamine production, the nicotine high, in a sense, is a natural high. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on Earth and nicotine addiction is both physical and psychological. Nicotine addiction is the main reason for people continuing smoking while understanding it's harmful and you will have a much better chance of quitting if you can eliminate or relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Because nicotine is so addictive, removing your normal source can lead to nicotine withdrawal symptoms and while a small percentage of the population does not have these symptoms, for the majority, this is the reason why they fail to quit. If you have quit caffeine in the past, you know that withdrawal symptoms from any sort of drug are not very pleasant and if you are addicted to nicotine, then the cravings can be extreme. Many quit smoking products work by 
using nicotine replacement therapy which basically means that the product will supply nicotine to a smokers body from an alternate source. While this will help to eliminate the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal, nicotine is what you need to eliminate from your body to truly stop the cravings. Because of this fact, nicotine replacement therapy products are self defeating. It all comes down to the fact that to quit smoking you eventually have to get off the nicotine and if you decide to go cold turkey, the cravings will start to 
diminish within 10 days. Unfortunately, many smokers cant make it through these 10 days of withdrawal without lighting up again. The Nicocure quit smoking patch claims that it will solve this problem.

While Nicocure does not state that it will instantly remove all of your cravings, it does claim that it has properties that will greatly diminish the nicotine withdrawal cravings which will greatly enhance your chances of quitting. Nicocure is based upon one primary 

ingredient, which is lobelia inflate and Nicocure claims that it works in a completely scientific manner by feeding the nicotine receptor cells in your body with the same sensation provided by nicotine by replicating the properties which effectively fools your body into thinking you are getting nicotine. While you are not actually getting any nicotine, your body thinks you are and this supposedly helps to eliminate or reduce the cravings for nicotine. Nicocure claims that most people feel the cravings for nicotine completely disappear within the first 10 days while wearing the patch and as each day passes, they notice fewer cravings for cigarettes. Nicocure also claims that another advantage of its main ingredient is its ability to make tobacco products taste unpleasant, which also helps to reduce cravings for cigarettes. Nicocure also says that while wearing its patch, the herbal ingredients go directly into the blood stream which provides continuous all day relief from the withdrawal symptoms and allows the body to start healing after smoking. Nicocure states that other than the typical withdrawal symptoms that accompany nicotine withdrawal, you will not experience any side effects if you smoke or use chewing tobacco while taking Nicocure unless you continue to smoke while wearing there patch. Nicocure also suggests that eating fresh citrus and drinking lots of clear water will combat cigarette cravings. Nicocure claims to have been effective with over 97% of those who try it, but like other herbal remedies, it is not recommended for women how are pregnant or nursing babies. Nicocure also states that it contains no sugar and will not react with insulin in any way and contains no drugs except for the natural herbal remedies that it advertises.

Smoking is responsible for disorders in all parts of the body, including the digestive system, respiratory system, and can even cause emotional problems. All smokers recognize the reasons why they should quit and most have a strong desire to do so if they could find a product or aid that would make it happen. Nicocure states that you will crave fewer cigarettes every day and the withdrawal symptoms will be milder due to the natural nicotine substitute, which helps you shake the nicotine habit gradually and that their formula is completely herbal and all-natural. While most quit smoking products will make claims that they are the only product that works, doing a search on the internet about Nicocure will show that there are some positive reviews stating that people have experienced success while using this product.

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