Tomoe Mami USB Flash Drive

Tiro... FINALE! Mami's final attack is one of the most powerful and dramatic sounding... Unfortunately it doesn't work all the time ^^;

(This post contains spoiler to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'm sure most of you know already where this is going or heard about this particular spoiler, so I'm giving this spoiler warning for nothing, really).

That final attack doesn't work on Charlotte unfortunately ^^; As the result, Mami becomes a very popular meme for heads rolling, munching and any other beheading innuendo XD One of these popular items/meme is this USB flash drive template as seen above. I attempted to make this and tried to document it, but unfortunately I couldn't successfully do it the way I wanted it. The point of this project was to send it to my good friend Yaku for her birthday. I'm glad she loved it even though it wasn't as good as I'd hope ^^;

This is the board I tried to use to make the USB drive more solid, but I underestimated its characteristics to be cut... Thus I gave up on it and had to do it a more ghetto way ^^;

This is the final product... A bit rough. I knew I shouldn't have procrastinated XD

POP! It's a 8 GB USB flash drive! :D

And what I didn't know before is that Charlotte isn't just another USB cap, but it's the backside of Mami's head! I felt so stupid when I realized that ^^;

And then Charlotte munched on the rest of Mami!

Here she is on (or is it 'in') my computer while I copy some stuff inside her... Hmm... This is sounding really dirty...

If I ever make another one for myself, I'll probably put a Charlotte thing on my USB plug XD