Raising an Azone Army

I initiated a Hobby Search group order in the group I'm in on Facebook which was mostly for just a Pureneemo doll stand,but then it became an Azone army raising event!

There were 6 of us ordering, but 3 of us ordered a Pureneemo. So yea... Not all of these are mine ^^; But with these three, we are definitely getting a lot more of them for the doll meets. Would you like to guess which one is my new one? :P

Here's a hint... It's not that obvious! This one is Misaka Mikoto.

The next is Kuroneko aka Gokou Ruri.

And lastly an opened mouth Koron :D

The anime characters have their photos on the box label.

This one is a fairy owned by Flamebyrd who bought the Bohemian outfit with us.

Azonyan and the Azone Army!

Azonyan being raised... XD Also another doll stand that was a part of the group order.

Azunyan looks like she's ready to hurt someone here... *cough*yandere*cough*

I'm not the only one trying to raise an Azone Army though... One of our new friends for the doll meet already HAVE an Azone Army! I am in awe and fear!