Effects and Benefits of Durian To Health

As a kind of tropical plant, durian has a kind of sweet taste with hot nature. Although it smells feculent, the fruit of it is very delicate. Durian contains abundant nutrients including protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Durian plays an important role in helping people keep healthy.

Generally speaking, durian can effectively help people nourish the body, invigorate the blood circulation and dissipate the coldness. According to the modern science and dietetics, the nutritional value of durian is extremely high. People can frequently eat durian so as to nourish their own bodies. In Thailand, durian is regarded as a kind of effective fruit to nourish the body for the patients and postpartum women. Because of hot nature, durian can effectively invigorate the blood circulation, dissipate the coldness and help women stop the menstrual pain. Therefore, it is suitable for women who always suffer from dysmenorrheal to eat. At the same time, durian can improve the coolness of the abdomen and accelerate the increase of the body temperature. Therefore, it is also suitable for people with cold constitution to eat so as to adjust the physical condition. It has been proved that the soup cooked by fruit shells of durian and bones can treat various symptoms of cold constitution.

Durian can be used to adjust suitable dietary therapy to deal with various symptoms according to the concrete conditions of people. For example, durian can be used to stew chicken. At the beginning, people should prepare 50 grams of durian, 10 grams of ginger, 50 grams of red date, 50 grams of walnut seed and a chicken. After some preparations, people can put chicken chunks, walnut seed, red date, the skin of durian and the flesh of durian into a pan to boil them, and then put ginger into the pan. After the materials are boiled well, people can put some seasons into them, like salt.

Although the nutrition value of durian is very high, people should not eat it excessively. The excessive intake of durian can cause the body too hot, and abundant nutrients can not be completely absorbed by the human body. Because of a large amount of sugar, the excessive intake of durian can also worsen the symptoms of the patients with diabetes. Therefore, people should eat durian in a right amount so as to make full use of abundant nutrients contained in durian like calcium and phosphorus.

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