Many Happy Wishes!

November 11 consisted of many things. Here in Canada, it is Remembrance Day, a day to remember the veterans and soldiers of war who fought for our peace. Similarly in the U.S. is Veterans Day, which is similar to Remembrance Day. In Canada we wear poppies (as seen above) to commemorate this day.

It's also Pocky Day today! Mostly because the ones look like a Pocky ^^; I wonder if we can call it year of the Pocky next year in 2011... AND it's Azunyan's birthday today! So I've put all three together in this short picture post ^_^

Ok fine, I cheated a little bit... I actually did not have any Pocky in the house! GASP! So sad... I was going to go shopping, but I have to go work soon... So I kinda cheated a little bit by Photoshopping in a Pocky in her hands ^^;;;

Azunyan Nendo is just too, too, too cute! I'm surprised she's not completely sold out in some places...

And finally I took pictures of Azunyan figma! Her face is quite cute with the blush, but I feel a bit disappointed with the figma as a whole. Looks a bit disproportionate...

And here's the triple thr... I mean, TRIPLE NYAN! Happy Remembrance Day, Happy Pocky Day, Happy Birthday Azunyan!