Late Night Loot Unboxing

I've finally received my big package from Hobby Search for the end of July. All of these were released in July but I waited for all of them to be there first and combined into one shipping. I'm surprised they all fit into one box!

I picked up up the Goodsmile Company's Misaka Mikoto quite late actually. I ordered it just a couple of weeks before its release. I didn't know why I waited, really... The fan was also on a whim just because I liked To Aru Kagaku no Railgun a lot, but looking at it closely, it's not that great looking. At least it's small. I will post better pictures of the fan and the Mikoto figure at a later time.

I think Saber Alter was either released late June or delayed to early July. While everyone got theirs already, I didn't mind waiting as long as I can save money on shipping :P I think I'll do a group picture of all the Sabers again now that she's here.

Two K-ON Figmas and in numerical order! Pretty sure I'm going to have some fun with Mio's crying face and Mugi's yuri ecchi face for my 4koma. :D I ordered all five of the girls in Figma form, but not all the Nendoroids. Reason being that Nendoroids are more expensive and I sorta have more fun with the Figmas ^^;

And one more mysterious box... I was going to make a surprise post for this one this week. Unfortunately it didn't arrive safely. There's something broken when I opened it. I've send an email to Hobby Search, but they will be on holidays soon, so I won't get a response until at least Tuesday. T-T No fair! And so you'll have to be in the dark about it much more longer than I would've liked to keep you =P