Haruhi Vs the AmAzone Saber

I normally don't start with the 4koma comic, but I think this is a good introduction to one of my latest acquisition ^^ Oh oh... don't forget the title...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 38
This has also been posted on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site. For the first panel I had to do 2 photos just because I couldn't make it work with the macro lens when I was standing trying to take a picture of Haruhi shaking in my hand... Saber would've been too blurry. Yes, I know what you're thinking... Haruhi's attacked a 1/3 scale Dollfie Dream before so why would she be afraid here. Well perhaps that Unlimited Span... Saber Works scared her off.

Here's the bigger picture of the last panel. I had to lean Saber to the wall because her armor and the sword are all metal and her flimsy little body can't support it all up. Which makes me wonder how the original Saber handles all that armor...

I was going to use this as the last two panels as one panel instead of the two panels up there. Which one would've been better I wonder?

Here's a better comparison side by side of Saber and Haruhi. Saber is a 1/6 Hybrid Action Figure by Azone. So she's double the size of Haruhi. I was going to have Saber's left hand patting Haruhi's head, but she's much bigger that her hand couldn't reach Haruhi's head!

The obligatory box picture
I saw her back when I was looking to spend 20,000 yen from Tenso at Amazon Japan. If I had bought her back then I would've spend it all on just this one. I'm someone who prefer to spend little money to get many things instead of buying one expensive thing. They both add up to the same thing usually ^^; When I saw Yumyu from Figure.FM was selling his at a lower price than what I saw, I jumped on the chance. This Saber actually arrived in the beginning of June and only now I felt like posting about it, lol.

Here is the whole set. She's got her "Holiday" dress as well. She's brand new and only been taken out of the box once.

She looks great! Lots of metallic parts. Her always smiling face is a bit odd with her armor on though.

Caliburn is all metal and they didn't bother painting the hilt.

Close-up of the chest plate
Even though she is brand new in box, she is not quite new. I thought the plate on her boots can come off, but it's actually the glue that's wearing off.

Her gauntlets are quite heavy and if her hands are just dangling on the side, the metallic gloves will surely fall off her flimsy hands.

I had a MAJOR beef with the chestplate. I realize how different the armor is compared to a more solid PVC figure or perhaps even the DD version of the armor. This one is barely on her chest and only supported by "leather" buckles on the bottom part of the 2 pieces of the front and back torso armor. So if the armor's not on properly, it will dangle like the above picture, giving us a nice view of cleavage.

"Nothing up my sleeve"
And now the gloves are off! Since I said her smiling face doesn't match her armor, I'm going to strip her off her armor one by one :P

This is not a close-up of her armpits, okay? This is to show how the 2 pieces of the torso armor are being held up. There's that leather buckle just underneath her left armpit. I had a hard time trying to put it on properly. Probably why I'm taking her armor off now. The strings on the corset comes off all the time too.

"Miccha dame!"
"Taiho shichauzo!"
Now time to frisk Saber... Err... Just trying to show how her side leg armors are attached. Two buttons keep the corset armor up. Like the picture below.

I love those dangly things that's on her front part of the skirt. That middle part is not even attached to anything. It's held up by the corset & side armor.

Her dress look a bit baggy ^^;
"What smells like boot feet?" - Cookies to who can guess that reference
Her feet are tiny!! No wonder I couldn't stand her up properly. Compare the feet size and the boots! But I guess if they were proper size they won't fit inside.

"Can you velcro the back of my dress?"
Her dress splits open in the back by velcro. Really made it easy to take it off... But I still had to take off her hands from her wrists. Kinda creepy, but it had to be done.

Her underdress. I was posing this as best as I could, but I'm surprised it looked better than what I expected. Very cute Saber ^_^

No... I didn't hit her there ok? That's not a bruise!
Unfortunately since she's always been in the box and she's technically a doll, her neck has been stained by her blue dress.

The back of her neck is also bruis... stained.
She doesn't wear panties... Umm yeah... This white bloomer-like pants is her only lower underwear. This looks a bit strange with this pose when she's smiling like that...

She's not fully detailed, if you catch my drift...
This pair of  panties is actually for her other dress. I put it on her a bit too tight perhaps since she's adjusting it there.

Here she is in that Holiday outfit. Very cute. I had to take off her arms completely off to put on the two piece shirt and blouse.

Leaning on the wall.
Her tiny feet and her tiny sandal shoes... I wasn't sure which sandal was right or left since they both look the same...

I love this pose! Even if her feet look really tiny...

Knee pi... Never mind. Knee pits on jointed figures or dolls just don't look right...

Panchira instead?
Frontal panchira!
Hmm... There's still some parts that need to be smoothed out it seems. Maybe I'll sand out that left thigh one day.

She is now in my room sitting on one of my stacks of CDs. I didn't edit this picture much, so you can have fun looking at what's on there and see if you recognize anything :) She looks much cuter in that dress than her armor. At least in this version. I'm kinda glad to get a hold of her, especially as a Saber collector. She'll meet with her onee-chan Rei soon and her imouto later on ;)

An earlier review of Azone 1/6 Hybrid Action Figure Saber is also available on Soth's Blog.

Inspired by Tony Taka's Saber art.

That's how the lower part of the body look like, okay?? She's not a trap!