When I received a right leg in the mail, I knew it was time for me to give Azunyan a proper photoshoot...

I'm being very cryptic, aren't I? =P

So here is the unblurred photo I took during the unboxing. And yes it is a K-ON Azone doll, Azunyan to be specific, as Ninjovee, Wolfheinrich and Q have guessed. Can't get past anything by you guys ^^; So if I do giveaways, I know that it won't be enough to just blur the photos XD

Also as I've mentioned before, she did not arrive in one piece... I was very excited when I unpacked her and then notice her feet were dangling... Oh no! I checked her left feet. It's just not inside the peg; perhaps it's the same with her right feet... Unfortunately not the same situation. Her ankle joint broke inside the leg. I panicked.

I wasn't aiming for a panchira... Honest!
I quickly took photos of the broken joints and send an email to Hobby Search, where I ordered her from, and explained the situation. Unfortunately it was the Obon holiday by the time my package arrive and they would be off for several days... They responded quickly after the holidays, however, and assured me I will get a new "right foot" in the mail.

Uh-oh... Just the right foot? Does that mean I have to take out the broken peg from her leg?? I don't know how to do that! I asked around and many people (Fat B, Flawless Exa, Eidrag, Yunamon, Soundwav2010, MarxTaichou) answered my call. At the time I was also in communication with Chun regarding dolls in general, so I also told her about this problem and I'm grateful for her support and answers for any questions and other concerns I had. Thank you Chun!

All that worry about removing the broken peg disappeared the instant I opened this package from Hobby Search. Which brings us back to my first sentence... The right leg that came in a box that was way too big for its content. What they sent to me was the lower leg, which means I just need to replace this leg, with ease, might I add.

The obligatory box photo... It splits in half revealing window view to the items inside.
So here we go again with the real beginning of the actual photoshoot and "review". ^^

The legendary moe item, the nekomimi!
Multiple outfit change for Azunyan! One of the selling points for me.
Multiple hands and... Not sure what that is on the bottom left...
Instructions on how to take care of Azunyan... Unfortunately I can't read any of it... HELP! I wonder if it's online anywhere... I'm very new to this Azone doll thing, so if anyone's got advice about this particular line of dolls, don't be afraid to chime in the comments!

Here's Azunyan showing off Muttan, her guitar.
I couldn't wait to put on her nekomimi right away! It was actually pretty difficult because it kept getting stuck to other parts of her hair.

Azunyaaa~n! Don't fiddle with it! It was so hard to put it on you!
And now Azunyan will strip for you! No, just kidding. Her thumb actually got stuck in some of the loose threads on her blazer, so I had no choice but to strip her... of her blazer. It created a nice opportunity for this photo!

She relaxed a little while I fixed her blazer. It also gave me an opportunity to see how her arms and elbows bend. It was hard to see because of the blazer and I did not want to break another joint...

Awww Azunyan's being cute putting her hands inside and letting her sleeve loose ^_^  Uh... not really... When I was trying to replace her hands her arm kept coming off from the elbow joint. Both left and right! I had to keep rolling up her sleeves to join them at the elbows again.

Ultra cute pose!
I've yet to learn about proper lighting for photoshoots, lol, so I apologize for the light being too shiny on her eyes.

Ok, this panchira's on purpose, unlike the one near the top...
I was able to balance this pose (even though it looks a bit strange) for a moment, enough to take a photo of it. anonymous_object mentioned in his recent review that it was hard for Azunyan to do other pose than just standing there. So I thought I'd try it out, lol. A stand is coming though ^^;

And now la piece de resistance! Two Azunyan with Azunyan's mug cup! Die! Die from all this cuteness!!! Umm... I don't mean that literally ^^;

I had to do a close up of Azunyan Nendo by herself. Too cute!

"I'm gonna have you for dinner, Azunyan Unit 2!" *OM NOM NOM NOM*
Sisterly love. No, wait, they're not sisters...
For some reason I thought Azone Azunyan would have a bigger nekomimi than the Nendoroid... How wrong I was.

Sitting in the cup, showing off her shoes ^^
Yes, there are "L" and "R" on her shoes :D
Reminiscent of the GO! GO! MANIAC! opening video? :D

Dipping her foot in the bath ^^
"Nya... Nyaaa"
That's it for now. I mean that's a lot of photos already, isn't it? I went nuts with Azunyan here despite having to deal with the elbows that keep coming off from her joints. This is just the beginning though... I've waited many moons for Azunyan and I already gotten quite a lot of outfits for her already even before I got her ^^; Not to mention she hasn't interacted with her "older sisters" yet... ^_^ Look forward to some more Azunyan!