Mugi Mugi Day

Awwww sooooo cuuuuuuuuttttteeeeee! And Happy Canada Day everyone! Yeah, I know I don't have anything Canadian here, but it's still posted on Canada Day ^^;

This here is a Mugi plushie. I brought her to AX and if everything goes well, she'll have a new goshuujin-sama ^_^

I bought her along with Yui. The online store, Big Pfeiffer, didn't sell them separately. I only wanted Yui, but I did find Mugi very cute as well when I got her. But I think her new goshuujin-sama would appreciate her more, even though the goshuujin-sama don't really own any plushies.

A close-up of the uniform.

And it's not Mugi without her takuan eyebrows ^_^

The backside. The hair is actually made in layers. I thought they weren't glued properly at first, but it made another layer of hair instead. Very cool!

It ain't a Within a Flash of Lightning post without a panchira, yes? :P