AX (Suddenly Acquired) Loots

Here comes the loot, everybody knows that here comes the loot! Ok, that doesn't make sense, but anyways after an anime convention, you expect to see the loot post going up :P I kept all the fancy paper bags from J-List and MangaGamer. They're kinda like loot to me XD Honestly I didn't buy too much. I wanted to limit myself because I already spent quite a bit just trying to get to Los Angeles for AX.

So let's get to the loots one by one shall we? I got a lot of small items that may not be too visible in the main picture.

Here are the games I got. Squishy Tank for the DS from the Natsume booth. It looks deceptively simple. You just touch 3 or more blocks that are together and they blow up the squishy tanks. But it gets really hard when the time runs out real fast! BlazBlue is something I've been wanting to try but the price was still too expensive in Canada. So when I saw they were being sold for $20 each at the Aksys booth, I took my chance. I promised Yakuri that I'll give this to her when she gets a PS3, lol. And finally Cat Girl Alliance was something I've been eyeing ever since I heard there's a futanari in it XD The JAST USA panel somewhat convinced me to get it.

The reason why I put "suddenly acquired" in the title of this post is because Yakuri gave me lots of things! Maybe half of the loot here! This was the first one she bought for me on the spot. A nice combination of Macross Frontier and Lucky Star. Konata's too cute!

And this one is also from Yaku-chan! I was ecstatic to see this! I never did get the glass or any Saber Lily related item except for my shirt, so this was awesome! I was worried it might break when I put it in my luggage, but thankfully I had lots of spare thick layers for this one ^_^

If you guessed that this is from Yaku-chan, then you're right! She got this free when she bought Higurashi & Umineko games from MangaGamer and gave it to me because... Well, I guess she's a fujoshi who's into yaoi and not yuri XD

I'm gonna owe Yakuri-chan big time ^^;;; This one is also from her. Probably the biggest thing I had in my luggage. I was carrying this around the time of the L.A. CGM Night and everyone asked what I got and I showed this to them and told them it was a gift. Everyone was amazed! Thank you Yakuri-chaaaan <3

Ok and these ones I got myself, lol. ToraDora Volume 1 premium box was something I was hoping to get at the convention rather than ordering online from NIS America. Good thing they had it all ready for me to pick up. In addition I was able to order ToraDora Volume 2 as well with free shipping to Canada! I was very glad I told them about my situation and wanting the series desperately. The other two is Gundam Unicorn Blu-Ray which is actually for my friend and the Gurren Lagann movie which I got so that perhaps Katsuyuki Konishi might sign it, but I gave up the chance so that someone else who`s dying for his autograph can have it ;)

By buying over $50 at NIS America booth, I was able to get this Laharl Prinny plushie for free! AND since I also pre-ordered volume 2 of ToraDora they let me get more free items, like the Prinny stylus and an artbook.

The aforementioned artbook is on the right. It sorta looks like a spiritual sequel to Rhapsody since it involves puppets... If they release it then I might get it. The Hakone map to the left is a free map that was handed out at the PopJapan Travel booth. I had to get it since it`s Rei :P

Here are the music CDs I got. The top two are from buying the BlazBlue game. The bottom two I got real cheap from MangaGamer booth on the last day. I only wanted the one on the right...

The one on the left is a compilation of games that I saw on Wolfheinrich's site, so I got it anyway since it's 2 for  $20. The one on the right is a ... Hardcore Ryoukujo Remix... Umm... how do I explain? It's something like this...

I had seen it a long time ago on AkibaBlog and my curiosity got the best of me. I didn't think I'd get to own it ^^; So here's my chance. I haven't listened to it yet though...

This figure set was something I scoffed at before I saw Bakemonogatari... Just another Puchi Nendo set, but after seeing the show and seeing some of the Puchi Nendo in action, I want one!! Especially Hitagi! Good thing Yakuri brought me to Anime Jungle's store where I researched that they have it, so they must have it at the convention as well. No tax either! Woot!

Lastly, Yaku-chan also gave me this... No, not the phone silly. I did get a new phone before leaving for L.A. though. Mostly because my old phone has a loose battery, so it shuts off by itself at times. Not a good thing to have when you're meeting a lot of people in a foreign land... Yaku gave me the dangling Rosa Chinensis and Lillian Academy logo from Maria-sama ga Miteru. She sure knows what I like ^^ I don't know if I want to keep them attached to my phone though... I don't want to lose them...

The next few things aren't loots, really, but just the autographed items. I thought I might as well put them together. This is the Macross Vocal collection signed by both Megumi Nakajima and May'n! It's one of my favourite albums and now it's signed! Freaking awesome!

This is the inner panel to the same album. I was hoping that Yoko Kanno would be signing to and I'd get her to sign on this one. It would've been freaking awesome! It never happened though... Maybe if Alto Saotome's voice actor comes, I'll get him to sign this :P

Yah! I also got Yuu Asakawa to sign my Nendoroid Luka box! I asked her if she can say something on the box, so she drew a word bubble saying "thank you" on it ^_^

And this is the last thing I got signed. Mirai Dakimakura signed by Danny. I was going to ask him to sign on the chest area just to prevent me from defiling his daughter XD But he just signed on the corner, heh. Now mind you, I don't see Danny as a celebrity, but as a friend... Who just happened to be popular ^^; I was going to come up to him and bring this dakimakura on me and ask him to "sign my chest!" Alas the opportunity didn't arise, lol.

So unfortunately because of the time constraint and my own stupidity, I didn't get these signed... Yui Horie's line was just too long and not enough time to get her autograph. I would've been able to get MELL's autograph on the last day, especially on my favourite CD single, except that I already packed my stuff in my luggage and not thinking the line would be short enough... I feel real sad not getting my Virgin's High signed T-T

Ok, well I don't want to end it at a sour note, so here are some more loots! These two shirts are actually for my brother and his girlfriend. I wasn't too interested in any of the AX shirt designs, except for the sold out ones. I could've special ordered it, but at $5 shipping... No thanks.

I really am a shirt collector. I have no idea how many J-List shirts I have now... But this one I had to get since it's To Aru Kagaku no Railgun's Misaka Mikoto!!

Here's the back side. Both says "Warning: Electric Shock". Awesome!

So yes, I had a lot of suddenly acquired loots but I spent quite a bit as well, especially getting both ToraDora volumes. It was all worth it though. Now I'm planning to reciprocate Yakuri's generosity :P