Hack Shino Cosplay Costume & Wig

Picture from www.flickr.com

You get obsessed with Hack looks, which have always beautiful color palettes and fantastic styles? Then here you will encounter the Hack Shino in her several costumes to show off her appeal! Now take a look at Hack Shino cosplay costume & wig!

This Shino in purple and black dress looks really fabulous and gorgeous. Styled hat with pink prints on the front and tassel details on the right side is seen perfectly matching her rose wig. The beautifully crafted purple dress flatters her curvy figure and the black matching shorts with red strapped stockings make her a little flirty. Separated purple sleeves, up to elbow, connected with red hand part and black gloves, black heels with blue detail on the toe area are spotted to finish the nice look! Her weapon, a black stick with moon and sun details on one end, spices up this vivid Shino look.

Picture from www.flickr.com

She looks really cool, right? This Shino is seen on the themed grey and black costume. The hair turns grey. Featuring the iconic Shino style, she dons grey dress with black broad shoulder girdle and separated black sleeves with black trims and chocolate ruffled cuffs and connected black gloves. The dress seems a little alluring but looks more cute and chic on the hem and back. Then also the black shorts with black stockings and garter. A pair of sliver sandal with heels and sharp toes and a black stylish hat with red prints on the front and red tassel details on one side are seen finishing touch for the vivid look.

Have you get attracted by these charming looks of Shino? You can also be one of them, for assured. Here the Hack root cosplay costume & wig is offered in excellent details! You can get your nice look of Shino and probably you will be better than them! Check it out below: