Hack Jumper Cosplay Costume

Do you admire Hack looks for visional interest? Do you want to be Jumper? Here you’ve gotten a right place to go. The Hack Jumper Cosplay Costume is detailed with all our efforts for you to make that dream come true.

The fabric of our costume is the choicest for durable wear. Besides fine looks in details, our nice offers also include the cheapest prices. The free shipping would be also a real boon for you!

Picture from www.flickr.com

This set of costume is made of spandex, which feels friendly to our skin. The sleeveless yellow overall is styled in a delicate way. One ruffled white inner piece is seen on the neckline for some style. Some black ribbons are spotted on the front making a bow tie to add some style to the over-all look. So do the black elastics in the hemline. One added light brown leather belt plays up the cool look. Then you can understand why we touch so much importance to the details and decorations.

Picture from www.flickr.com

If you thought that we have finished, you would be totally wrong. How could you forget long white separated sleeves with black elastic details on both ends? Without them, your cosplay will leave some regret.

Have the Hack Jumper cosplay finished then? Definitely no. We are trying our best to make the show look perfect. The black necklace with one golden ornament, the black wrist bands, headgear and wigs provided by us can make you the same as your idol!