Hack Endrance Cosplay Costume

Do you get obsessed with Hack looks? Or probably there is a character in Hack you like! Now here you can be Endrance in Hack instantly with this Hack Endrance Cosplay costume, found fine in detail. Click the picture to visit our site to check it out! The competitive price is really attractive and the fast free shipping is a real boon for you. Also you can keep reading for more details about this cosplay attire.

Endrance’s costume include a purple shirt, seen with two silvery armor on the shoulders, the matching purple pants, the red underwear, a white swallow-tail like cape around the waist and a pair of black shoes. The golden stripes outline the stylish shape and assort with the golden erect scarf very well.

Picture from www.flickr.com

You must also notice that Endrance wears a lot of decorations. You will be very delighted to find we have offered you the same belt, purple hat with red roses and golden stripes on it, wrist bands, leggings and her black gloves. Where can you find such perfect complete equipments?

Here this Hack Endrance cosplay costume has high quality in all aspects. It is crafted with elasticity cotton, which makes sure the fine looks to mirror the role and the durability and comfort to wear.

Picture from www.flcikr.com

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